Why Pre-Planning Your Funeral Service Makes Sense

Death can occur quite suddenly, and it’s a certainty that leaving your loved ones with planning your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service will leave them facing a monumental task.

The reason for this is that your family, dealing with grief, will have to shoulder responsibility for planning your funeral service and body disposition.

But what if there was a way to save your family the trouble while allowing you to determine exactly how you want your final send off to play out? There is most certainly a way to set up your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service so that your loved ones won’t have to – and that’s through pre-planning your funeral service.

What it Entails

Let’s face it. You likely don’t really want to think about death and dying. That’s natural. But another way to look at it is that pre-planning, rather than hastening your death, will actually allow you to rest easier since you’ll be able to plan exactly what you want to do when the time comes. Whether you want cremation or a traditional earth burial, you can create a blueprint. You can choose things like who will deliver the eulogy, what music will be played and even make payment arrangements.

Why to Do it Now

The reason you should not delay pre-planning your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service is that you never really know when your time will come. No one knows exactly when he or she will die, so it’s best to plan when you can. So don’t allow procrastination to get in the way of pre-planning your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service. You can save your family the stress of having to plan your earth burial or cremation at a time when they’ll be coping with your loss. Indeed, pre-planning is a gift that you can give your family – and it’s a gift they’ll appreciate. When it comes to pre-planning your funeral, the last thing you want is to delay.

Let You Loved Ones Know

After you’ve pre-planned your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service, be sure to let your family know. This will ensure that they understand exactly what to do when you pass away. It won’t necessarily be the most pleasant conversation you have with them, but it will be an important one. Let them know that you’ve pre-planned, which Mayfield Heights funeral home you’ve pre-planned with and where the documents stipulating the arrangements can be located.

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Patrick Mahoney