Why a Funeral Service Play List Will Strike the Right Chord

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional funeral service with some hymns, tributes and a eulogy, but people are more and more opting to make things more personal with added special touches. One way they are accomplishing this is by using a music playlist that helps to personalize a final tribute to a deceased loved one.

You’re no doubt aware of the power of music and how it can evoke a wide range of emotions depending on the genre or perhaps even a specific song. By using music designed to actually say something about the person being laid to rest, you can tap into the power of music to create an intimate experience during the service at the funeral home in Parma, OH.

If you’re wondering exactly how to choose the right song or songs during the service, read on for some suggestions.

Favorite Musician

If you’re at a loss as to how to assemble a play list of music for the funeral service, how about starting by mulling over your deceased loved one’s favorite solo artist, group or band? Once you’ve done that — maybe after looking through the playlist or songs on their MP3 player or album collection — you can make a playlist that best showcases what your relative loved.

Think Good Thoughts

Did you and your loved one overcome differences to become closer? Then how about a song like “Love Can Build a Bridge”? by the Judds. Do you look back at simpler times while growing up with your family? Then perhaps the Cranberries’ “Ode to My Family” would do the trick. Maybe your deceased loved one always sang a specific song while going about his or her day, or perhaps he or she talked about going to hear a favorite band in the past. The key is to take a trip down memory lane and find songs that unearth good memories that can set the tone at the funeral home in Parma, OH.


Maybe you want to advance a specific message for that special day of commemoration. Be careful that the song is one that will honor rather than sully the occasion, and be mindful of how other members of your family might react to specific songs or even certain styles of music. If you’re careful, you can find a song that has the right message for the day.

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Patrick Mahoney