Which is Better a Metal Urn or a Wood Urn?

Urns can be made out of various material types, and two of the most popular happen to be wood and metal. While you can get great urns made from either material, each has benefits and advantages that might win you over depending on your plans for the urn going forward. So that you know what your options are after Mayfield Heights, OH cremation, here’s a look at wood and metal cremation urns.

Wood Urn

When it comes to wood urns, there are many options to choose from, and remember that there are various types of wood you can select, such as mahogany, oak and cherry. You can get the urn you want in various materials beyond wood and metal, but there’s something about the look of natural wood grain of wood urns, especially when periodically treated with some furniture polish, that can’t be beat. You can display a wood urn in your home, such as in your family room or even on the night stand in your bedroom, or you could bury the wood urn either in your backyard or someplace else. You’ll be glad to know that you can get wood urns engraved with, for instance, the name of the person, birthdate and date or birth. Another interesting fact about wood urns is that many of them are handmade. When you consider the fact that they are often made from hand and the fact that wood grain patterns add a measure of uniqueness, you can rest assured that your wood urn will pretty much be one of a kind. Just like the person whose ashes it holds.

Metal Urn

If you’re looking for the most rugged type of urn, then your best bet is a metal urn. But for all its brawn, it also has a lot of beauty with various designs and styles available. Another benefit of metal urns is that they can be kept inside or outside of your home, which provides the sort of versatility that you can’t get with all urn types. Metal urns, which are customizable, are available in metal types that include steel, brass and zinc. So, go with the one you like best.

And the Winner is?

Both wood and metal urns are great options for storing the cremated remains of your deceased loved one. They are both esthetically pleasing and customizable. But if you want an urn for display outdoors, then a metal urn might be more to your liking.

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Patrick Mahoney