Where will You Hold the Memorial Service After the Cremation

When the Elyria, OH cremation has been completed, you can hold a memorial service to celebrate the life of someone special. Unlike a funeral service where it’s customary to hold the event in a church or chapel, you can hold a memorial event virtually anywhere. Consider these examples of where you and your loved ones can host a memorial service.

Home Sweet Home

If you’ll be having a small gathering, you might choose to hold the memorial at home. You can be as informal or as formal as you want – just make sure that everyone in attendance knows what to expect. You can, for instance, read a eulogy, take turns speaking about the impact the now deceased had on your lives, sing songs that the deceased had loved, and even share a special meal around the table or on the patio deck to pay tribute to someone special.


Are you interested in an informal memorial with no set format? You might want to consider booking a section of a restaurant or a more private banquet room where you, your loved ones, and your close friends can meet together, share memories of the deceased together, and break bread together. Some restaurants offer discounts for larger groups, so call to ask. It can be fitting to spend time around the table with people you love and care about.

Great Outdoors

It can be a great idea to hold a memorial outdoors someplace. Is there a nice scenic park nearby? Does your family own a cottage that can accommodate a small group? Do you and yours like to load up the car, truck, minivan, or SUV to go camping in rural regions? You might want to consider holding an outdoor memorial event on one of these country excursions. You can also scatter the ashes during such a memorial service. Scatter the ashes of a deceased relative in the great outdoors can be a fitting final send-off if the deceased had loved experiencing nature.

Do any of these memorial locations seem like a good idea to you? If so, great. If not, you can hold it someplace else. Where you hold a memorial is not nearly as important as the act of holding it – that is, if it’s something your family actually wants. Perhaps you and yours will be satisfied to enjoy a meal at home with just close family. Whatever works is fine.

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Patrick Mahoney