Urns & Keepsakes

The Heritage Cremation Society is pleased to offer you a variety of quality urns, urn vaults and cremation keepsakes such as keychains, rings and necklaces. These keepsake items are great ways to honor and memorialize your loved one.

The urns and keepsakes we offer are created by many of the country’s leading designers, including Bogati Urns, Terrybear Urns & Memorials®, Madelyn Company and LegacyTouch Keepsakes. They represent what our company stands for: excellent quality at an affordable price. You’ll find an array of different types of urns and keepsakes available, from standard urns to highly artistic and decorative ones, from cremation keepsake rings and necklaces to keychains and lockets.


Terrybear Logo
Terrybear Urns & Memorials® is a place where creativity and compassion colors everything we do.
C455 Floral Ceramic Plum Blossom Esemble
CMB806 Craftsman Memory Chest 1- Engraved

Bogati Urns
Since 2004, Bogati Urn Company has been providing high quality and elegant urns and cremation keepsakes to help families memorialize loved ones.
Heart Necklace with Pink Gems
Black Urn with Bulldog
Wood Box with Design

Keepsake Jewelry

Madelyn Co.
Madelyn Co. Keepsake Pendants bring memories to an even more personal level by holding a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers.
Humming Bird Necklace
Silver Bracelet
Music Note Necklace


Legacytouch Keepsakes
LegacyTouch specializes in creating personalized Fingerprint Keepsakes and Jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants, lockets and more) to help memorialize loved ones who have passed.
Ring with Finger print
Silver Bracelet with Finger print
Gold Heart Necklace with Finger print

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We’d be more than happy to help you select an urn or keepsake jewelry to memorialize your loved one. Contact us today for product inquiries or to get started on the ordering process.

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