Tips to Writing a Great Eulogy to Honor Your Loved One

After a death in the family, you can expect that it will take a while before everyone accepts the new normal. But in the interim, there will be a mix of emotions and there will be a whole lot of questions. It’s important in such circumstances to take advantage of opportunities for healing and grieving not only individually, but also corporately. That’s why it’s always a good idea after the cremation at a Cleveland, OH funeral home to schedule a memorial service.  

And if there is a memorial service, you can bet that there’ll be a eulogy, which is basically a speech that is delivered orally to honor the memory of a dearly departed relative or friend. So that you know how to proceed if asked to do the eulogy, here are some tips to keep in mind.  

Short and Sweet 

A eulogy is not supposed to be long. If you go well over five minutes, then it’s probably too long. It should, to put it simply, be short and sweet. In order to pull it off, you’ll have to be selective about what you focus on. Did the person have a specific trait that you wish to highlight? Was there a life event that shaped the course of the person’s life? Focus on something specific and then include concrete examples that support your central idea. One of the benefits of limiting your focus is that it should make it easier to write the eulogy. You can make it even easier on yourself if you use an outline, which will help you to organize your thoughts better.  

Stay Positive 

Use the eulogy to uplift the attendees. You can do this by adopting an upbeat tone. Think about funny stories that highlight why the deceased was special. Were they the life of the party? Did they like to pull practical jokes? Even though there’s nothing funny about death, you can use the eulogy to celebrate the life of someone who had touched so many people.  

Practice What You’ve Written 

After you’ve written a eulogy, practice it out loud. If you can gather a small audience to listen to it, all the better. Get feedback and use the comments to improve your speech. You’ll want it to be personal, conversational, and relatable. You can also use your practice sessions to focus on your pace, your tone, and even the length of the eulogy so that you’re ready to deliver it.  

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Patrick Mahoney