Sympathy Gifts You Can Give to Friends Grieving a Death

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what to do when a friend of yours experiences a death in their family. You’ll want to be there for them and to show them you care. And while it’s always a good idea to express your condolences verbally, it doesn’t hurt to give them a sympathy gift too. But what sorts of gifts would be appropriate to give your grieving friend or co-worker before or after a Euclid, OH cremation? The good news is that there are lots of options.

Consider these popular sympathy gift ideas and then decide which one is the most fitting.


You can’t really go wrong with flowers as a sympathy gift – that is, unless you can. Not everyone likes flowers, mind you, so you need to know the person you plan to buy them for. Do they like flowers? Are they likely to truly appreciate a bouquet? Another thing to remember is that sympathy flowers are a tradition, so you won’t be too original by giving them. That said, they are still a great gift idea, especially if you get flowers with symbolic value. Ask the crematory you’re dealing with about what different types of flowers symbolize.

Food Basket

While there are a few people out there who eat only because it’s necessary, most people actually get pleasure out of what they consume. That’s why it’s hard to go wrong with a gift basket consisting of food products. Does your grieving friend have a sweet tooth…or sweet teeth? You can prepare, or purchase, a food basket consisting of cookies, brownies, cakes, and other delicacies. Does your grieving friend enjoy fresh bread? You can prepare, or buy, a food basket that includes different types of fresh bread and maybe some healthy spreads.

Donation Towards Expenses

If you have the financial wherewithal to do so, you might want to offer to pay for some portion of the final services. Let your friend know that you’d like to help foot the bill or to contribute in some way. Do you want to help but don’t have a lot of money to do so? You can offer to pay for something specific – something that you can afford. Perhaps you can offer to pay for some of the food to be served after the memorial service, or you might want to pay for the cremation urn.

These are just some examples of the types of sympathy gifts that you can give to a grieving friend. You can get in touch with us at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc., located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, for some more tips if you’d like. We’re a Euclid, OH cremation services provider that you can count on. We have staff that will help you each step of the way, offer modern facilities, and employ a straight-forward approach. We’re also the only cremation provider in the state to offer a no hidden fee guarantee. You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500. We’ll be pleased to assist you to plan final services.

Patrick Mahoney