Sympathy Flowers Alternatives For Parma, OH Funeral Home Service

It’s customary to send sympathy flowers to someone who has lost a loved one, but that doesn’t mean that flowers are always the right choice. Whether the person has an allergy to pollen or simply doesn’t like flowers, you may have to revert to a plan B, C or D.

What follows is a look at sympathy flower alternatives that you can opt for before the All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society funeral home service in Parma, OH.


Let’s face it. Everyone loves good old-fashioned comfort food whether it be something savory, something sweet or anything else that whets the appetite. Does your grieving friend have a sweet tooth — or sweet teeth? Why not bake some muffins, put them in a nice basket and hand-deliver them with a note informing the person that you feel for his or her loss? If you’re creative and want to put together something healthier, then you can assemble a nice fruit platter or veggie platter. Is your grieving friend or co-worker a meat-and-potatoes sort of person? You can phone him or her up and tell the person that you’re going to bring over supper. Then you can prepare the sort of meal that you know your friend or co-worker will enjoy. The key is to know what sort of food the person will appreciate so that the gesture is well-received.

Stuffed Animal

Perhaps the idea of giving your grieving friend a stuffed animal might seem a bit odd, but there’s value in going this route. A stuffed animal or even a nice pillow is something that can provide comfort before and after the service at a funeral home in Parma. You’ll have to consider whether you believe this gift will be appropriate for the grieving person you’re hoping to comfort. If the person happens to be a child, then a stuffed animal or comfy blanket will undoubtedly be of comfort. But this sympathy flower alternative can benefit the old, the young and everyone in between.


Is it possible that your grieving friend would prefer a donation to his or her favorite charity rather than sympathy flowers? If so, find out what charity he or she supports, and let the person know that you’re going to make a donation to the charity in his or her honor. You can bet that this gesture will be well-received as it will show your friend or co-worker that you care about what he or she cares about – and that you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is to prove it.

Whether before or after a Parma, OH funeral service, you may want to give a grieving person a tangible gift to show that you are in his or her corner. If you don’t want to give sympathy flowers, there are alternatives that might be suitable in your situation. All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society is there for you and yours when death rears its ugly head. As a premier service provider in the death care space, we are actually the only licensed cremation society in all of Ohio. Call us at (216) 631-4500 when you want to discuss body disposition options for a free consultation. If you’d prefer to come by and check things out for yourself, we’re located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135. Call or stop by — we’re here to help!

Patrick Mahoney