Vincent Anthony Rossetti

Born: 04/01/1967 Passed:

Vincent Anthony Rossetti suddenly and unexpectedly went home to be the Lord on February 8th, 2020 due to a medical condition.   Vince was born in Canton, Ohio to Richard D. Rossetti and Mary Lou (Peterson) Rossetti, on April 1st, 1967. He was a creative fun-loving person who in recent years spent a lot of his time living for the Lord, reading his bible, and attending his church Harvestime Apostolic Temple, Hartville, Ohio.  Through the years Vince enjoyed playing guitar with his brother Richard Rossetti and cousin, Jason Norton along with many friends and band buddies, sculpting and creating special make up effects for haunted houses and movies with his longtime friend, David Wagner, fishing, and video games.

Vince is survived by his wife Carla Rossetti; daughter Nina (Brent) Revard; daughter-in-law Sarah Stone; grandchildren, Madison Stone, Cidny Revard, Christian Stone 2nd, and Brody Revard; brother, Richard Rossetti; sister, Tamatha McFall; and many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Vince is loved and will be missed by many.

Vince was preceded in death by his parents, Richard and Mary Rossetti; sister, Sharon Miller; son, Christian Stone; nephew, Gregory Johns; sister-in-law, Rachelle Rossetti; and great-nephew Andrew Rossetti.

Celebration of Life Memorial Services will be held at a later date due to COVID-19 protocol.

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12 Tributes to Vincent Anthony Rossetti

  1. Dave parker says:

    Vince led me to Christ on the day the Lord changed my life. Vince quoted Matthew chp18:18-20 and that was the moment that changed both of our lives forever. I’m so grateful to God he brought two April fools to wisdom and faith in Jesus Christ!. I’ll never forget him and I know you woke up in heaven with your loves

  2. Carla Rossetti says:

    I’d like to give my sincere condolences, to people in Vince’s life in recent years whom Vince loved. Obviously everyone in Vince’s life can’t be listed in an obituary but I can list a few here. Mike McCray, I’m sorry you lost such a close friend. Tabitha Covey who shared a bond with Vince beyond friendship, I’m AM truly sorry for your loss. Lisa Yovanovich even though recently you weren’t in close contact with Vince I know your heart mourns his loss, I’m truly sorry. Rich the drummer, my sympathies are with you and your family as you deal with the loss of a long time great friend.
    Like any other couple Vince and I had our ups and downs, but we did share some great memories together. He took me to my first concert. He introduced me to a lot of great friends. He made me part of a wonderful family. Those memories will always be with me.
    My sympathies and love to all of the friends and family. Vince will truly be missed.

  3. Cid says:

    Papa V was cool, and we would go see him every summer up until I became a type1 diabetic in 2016. after that we just talked on the phone but we wanted to come down this summer finally and now it won’t be the same. My brother and my mom and I would go hangout with him and I loved his doggy Henry he was my favorite out of the like 10 doggies he had. My last memory with him was a great day we went to Louisville and had Dairy Queen and played at the park for a couple hours then we went and visited Grandma Rossetti ad she was sweet she had just had heart surgery a few mos earlier. It was a great day with my grandpa and I’m going to miss him calling me ciddy as calling my brother hambone and calling my mom (his daughter) nunu. He was very nice to us all the time and he’d text my mom a lot especially recently he was going through some stressful stuff at home and work and mom made him feel better about it. We love you Papa V and we miss you a lot. ❤️🥺 love forever and always Cid xoxoxo

  4. Nina says:

    Happy birthday Daddy. 🎈🎉 I love you and I miss you. I miss texting you and I miss your opinions. We love you PapaV. ❤️🥺🥳

  5. Beth says:

    Vince was an amazing, caring, fun loving guy. We dated for almost 6 years and he accepted my daughter as a package deal. He would go out of his way to make sure we were well taken care of. He always went without to make sure others had what they needed. He was always so very positive. I lost touch with him these last few years, except for the yearly birthday text. I know he was very happy with his life and Tabitha being by his side and loving each other. My condolences go out to Tabitha and Vince’s family and friends . I wish him peace and love in his final resting place.

  6. Moser says:

    Vince really shined. I don’t even recall a time where he was noticeably depressed about anything. He was usually smiling or making jokes, poking fun or being silly in general. A master at cooking, even better billiards player (always beat me unless I got lucky!), and the guy you could count on to lend you a hand if you needed it. It seemed to me like he really liked helping people. He got a great deal of joy out of that. And Nina was right, he always provided wise advice. He had his flaws, as we all do. He was stubborn as be all. If you left while he was making dinner, he was truly insulted that you weren’t staying to join the family. He had a very kind spirit, never held grudges. The last time I heard from Vince he was imploring me to leave California because of the Fukushima meltdown. He was truly worried for my well being. I am terribly sorry for all of his closest friends and family. Mike McCray, Dave Wagner, Kevin, Nina, Carla. This news really took me by surprise. I didn’t keep in touch with him, we drifted apart through time. But I still loved him, and I know he loved me. I just thought of Vince a few days ago when I realized I am watching an awful lot of cooking shows! From the way it sounds, he was in a good place in life. Too many great memories to list here. We all have our own memories with him that are special. This is a great loss to the world. My deepest condolences to all that knew him.

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