Twyla Jane (Metts) Schneider

Born: 02/12/1925 Passed:

Twyla Jane Schneider was born February 12, 1925 in Salineville, Ohio; the daughter of Leslie and Goldie Metts. She was a lifelong resident of Ohio.  At the tender age of twelve, she secured her first job as a soda jerk at a drugstore in Salem, Ohio.  At the onset of World War II, she became proudly involved as a true “Rosie the Riveter” working at a factory and in her own words “to support our boys overseas”.

Twyla spent her adult life as a homemaker, food service, caregiver, manager and Co-owner of Dan-Mar’s tavern in Canton, Ohio.   She will be long remembered for her homemade decorated cakes, cookies and especially her Hershey cocoa fudge and baklava.  Her family and her local community admired her self-taught knack at crocheting, knitting, sewing, and upholstering.  She was self-motivated and displayed creativity, determination and leadership and she instilled in her family compassion, honesty and hard work.  She loved to entertain and is well known for never sitting down till everyone was served.

Caregivers commented that she always had a smile and a pleasant personality.  For the past ten years, her youngest son, Theodore Murutes was blessed with his role as primary caregiver.

Twyla was predeceased by her son Ennis (Denny) Zellus Stevenson, her brothers Bud and Boze Metts, and sister, Lovell Claypool (nee Metts)

Survivors include her three children:  Roberta (Art) Ryan, Sherrie (James) Holland-Richards (Nee Art), of Canton, Ohio and Theodore James Murutes of Salem, Ohio; grandchildren, James Stevenson, Colleen Schumacher (Bell), Thomas Stevenson, William Bell, Valerie Lawton (Bell), and Tiffney Holland-Kerekes; great- grandchildren, Mariah Bell, Trustyn Holland-Kerekes, Melena and Brock Bell.

A private family viewing will be held Friday, May 29, 2020 at Paquelet-Falk Funeral Home. Following the viewing, is an open invitation to friends and family at Texas Roadhouse in Alliance, Ohio at 4:30 pm. Condolences and special memories can be shared with the family online at


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12 Tributes to Twyla Jane (Metts) Schneider

  1. Sherrie Art. (Now Holland-Richards) says:

    My mom has given us A song that has become a family traditions and passed down to generations is the familiar ode “My Ole Kentucky Home”

    Many a cold winter nite,mom and I would whip up a batch of Hershey cocoa fudge Mom”s fudge 80% of the time turned out. Mine was a different story that became a standing joke. But just making it was became part of my nostalgic upbringing.


    • Daughter, Sherrie Holland-Richards (art) says:

      My mom became a legend at the pool house fiddlesticks in canton, Ohio wher I joined teddy and my mom and made beaded bracelets for her
      She was asked the question “what is her secret to longevity, my mom replied “stay single” . She had such a witty sense of humor.
      I miss spending those Sunday notes with her

      • Di ann Daniel says:

        I had the pleasure of being her roommate in the nursing home. Every day spent with her enhanced my life. She was a very special person. I feel honored to have known her.

  2. Ted Murutes (Son) says:

    My Mom was truly a member of the “Greatest Generation”, she was the strongest woman I will ever know. Even though I took care of her in her waning years it was she who gave me strength. Sadly at the time I most need one of her wonderful hugs, I can longer feel her caring arms around me.
    Of all the things in my life I am most proud of, my Mom was the pinnacle that topped all others. Whenever I would meet a new friend or sweetheart I would introduce them to her as MOM, I was so proud of her and knew how special she was that I could not keep her to just myself, so she was Mom to a lot of people. I am also proud of the fact that unlike many kids and teenagers I never went thru that phase where I was ever embarrased by my parents, I was happy to include them whenever they wanted to go with me.
    I only had her in my life for 58 years and was her sole caregiver for a little over the last 10 years of her life, and it was not enough, not nearly enough. When she was passing I told her that I would have taken care of her for many more years to come if she would only stay.

    I am truly broken hearted over losing her.

    Her Son and caregiver,

    Ted Murutes

    • Di ann Daniel says:

      Your mom appreciated everything you did for her. She is looking down from heaven and keeping a watchful eye on all of her children. Her spunk, kindness and endurance lives on in all of you.

      • Ted Murutes says:

        Thank you Di Ann it is nice you say that, a lot has been taken out of me in losing her, caring for her was my whole life’s purpose and I am now lost without her. I heard Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” on the radio the other day and almost had to pullover. My heart feels very hollow inside, I miss her hugs SO MUCH, they were life giving, and kept me going all those years of care.

    • Tami Kring says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss! I know you loved and respected her so much! She was so kind to me in the short time that I was around her! She will be missed! Take care Ted!

      • Ted Murutes says:

        Thank you Tami, I greatly appreciate you taking time to leave some kind words about her, she liked you VERY MUCH as well. I wish you had had more time to know her, she was truly a remarkable woman.

  3. Sherrie her daughter says:

    My brother,teddy is truly an inspiration to all caretakers of their loved ones. He sacrificed lovingly for more than ten years by our mom”s side. Night and day. Teddy was always there with a loving smile and cheerfully feeding her at all hours if only to give mom two or three bites of food and sips of water His endless changing of mom was always receiving the admiration of all the hospice care workers. Even when mom was in the hospital or nursing home, he barely left her side except to go home to shower etc.
    Mom raised four beautiful children but our youngest sibling, teddy rose to receive the highest award ever to bestowed. Teddy took such great detail in making mom look so beautiful when taking her out. He took so much pride in making sure mom”s hair, nails, and makeup was properly done Teddy always made sure that
    mom had her chocolate as well as her favorite coffee with creme.
    Even as mom declined and became weaker,she continued to sing,laugh, clap, and move her shoulders to the beat of her favorite tunes of Frank Sinatra as well as country music
    Endless stories of how our mom touched everyone’s lives for 95 years will continue. We will always think of you when watching your favorite “Tombstone” movie and I love Lucy

    The greatest impact and tribute to our mom has been shown thru teddy. He has taught me what true unconditional sacrificial love is all about.

  4. Ted Murutes says:

    It is your Birthday Mom, the first painful one without you. So without regard as to how sad I am without you, I wish you a truly Happy Birthday.
    I wish I had more profound words to tell the world at large why you were the Best Mom Ever, as the shirts, mugs and cards I always got for you on this day stated over and over through the years. Sadly I do not have Shakespeare’s command of language, and to me only he could do justice to you.
    I will state this, over these last 9 months I have come to realize a quote I always thought I tried to embody… I came far short of realizing.

    Henrik Ibsen Quotes The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.

    Everything I went through during my life, family losses, jobs and women I cared about that did not work out. And according to my sister’s praises caring for you alone over the years.

    Well I was NEVER alone, I had your great strength and love to make all the cruelty and harshness’s the world could dish out to make it bearable, and then your hugs and caring words made it worth living again.

    Now I am alone in this house where I cared for you and see myself as weaker than I ever would have known or cared to believe. But in your honor and out of true love for you I will attempt rejoin the world as I try to heal from the greatest loss I have ever experienced.

    This is really the only Birthday gift I can give to you now, so Happy Birthday to my Beloved Mother, I love and miss you always,

    Your Son, Teddy.

  5. Ted Murutes says:

    It is May 27th, one year since you had to leave. I could not sleep last night as I knew the hour was approaching that your mighty and caring heart came to rest. So at 7 a.m. I held a vigil at your bedside, speaking to you and telling you I miss you as much as the day I lost you. As long as I live you will be loved and REMEMBERED.
    I think of you everyday, many times a day, the memories are now mixed with fun and sad memories, of caring for you and also sharing fun times with you. The Holidays that you ALWAYS made so special for all the family, hosting us all while you were healthy enough. Then the Holidays and Birthdays that just the two of us shared as you were no longer able to venture out easily, I truly enjoyed your company.

    So with a heavy heart I have marked the worst anniversary date I have ever endured.

    Your Loving Son, Teddy.

  6. Ted Murutes says:

    Merry Christmas Mom, I wanted you to still be the first person I say that to every year on the official day. It is really not the same without you and your sweet smile. I also miss our own special dialogues we had that we always said if anybody heard us, they would think us crazy!

    I miss you and as always will love you to the end of time my beloved Mother!

    Your Baby Boy, Teddy.

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