Mark Paul Glassman

Born: 04/27/1949 Passed:

Mark Paul Glassman, 72, of Cleveland, Ohio, passed away on November 1, 2021, due to cardiac arrest. 

Mark is survived by his two daughters, Nicole Ann Glassman and Samantha Weingart Anderson, and granddaughter, Matisse Ava Carr Anderson. 

 Mark graduated from The Ohio State University and went on to become a lawyer who dedicated his practice to speaking up for those without a voice.  In his spare time, Mark was an avid reader and loved animals, travel, adventure, great food, and most of all sharing these things with his two daughters and granddaughter.  Mark was a dedicated environmentalist, and he left an impression on everyone he met with his wit, humor, compassion, extensive vocabulary, and unparalleled intellect. 

 He will be immeasurably missed.



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