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Marie Kelly age 56 died peacefully Wednesday, November 20, 2019 in Morgantown, WV.

Beloved mother of Earl Lancaster and Catelyn Anderson; doting grandmother of Madeline Anderson; cherished sister of Frances Kelly, Virginia Bevans, Anne (Richard) Schroeder, Peter (Siovan) Kelly, George Kelly, Helen Rielinger and the late Michael and James Kelly.

Marie was a 20 year employee of Walmart last holding the position of Field Manager.

The family will receive friends Monday, November 25, 2019 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Slone & Co. Funeral Directors 13115 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH  44111.

Contributions in Marie’s memory may be made to Cleveland Metroparks Development 4101 Fulton Parkway, Cleveland OH 44144.


8 Tributes to Marie Kelly

  1. Dee Booth says:

    I will miss you my friend. Rest In Peace ?

  2. Patty Figula says:

    Heaven has just received a wonderful angel…Marie you will be missed…bless you my friend.

    XOXO Figulie

  3. Anne Schroeder says:

    Lively, fun, compassionate, caring, no-nonsense, happily-divorced, proud to be of Irish descent, my kind of person. I learned new things and felt more empowered as a person every time we got together. I will miss you little sister.
    Love, Annie

  4. Joyce says:

    I’ll never forget the advice that you gave me i a time of need..and I took will always hold a special place in my heart..gone way to soon Joyce s5082

  5. Kimberley Wilkins says:

    Marie I will miss you. I will always remember our friendship. Loveand prayers to your family in their time of sorrow.

  6. Montgomery Kelly says:

    You can consider your life like a roadmap. You plot your daily journey, you plot your holiday trips, you plot your career path and you set out each day. Sometimes there’s a traffic jam, other times no traffic at all. The traffic lights are all red or all green. You have an unexpected detour. There’s a bus strike. There’s a hurricane. Despite your best planning there are always things that get in the way. Plan as much as you like but take the time to live each day to the fullest. Marie was working in some Hicksville places but she said to herself, “Hey, what can I do while I’m here? Frank Lloyd Wright? Check him out. Big Blue Chair? I’m sitting in it!” She got to know her work crew and that meant they got to know her. She could be a boss without having to hide in an office. She had some hard lessons to learn this time around but she didn’t hide out from life. She got out there and lived it. Especially anything Irish. She had judo belts, pinball trophies, children and a grandchild. She chose to challenge life rather than be challenged by living life. Her adventures had her visiting with the wide ranging extended Kelly Klan and her friends around the country. She even navigated half way around the world to visit me in Australia. Ireland was next in her sights but now she’s got the Other Side to explore and catch up with old friends and family. If they ask, she’ll tell them straight up what she thinks cuz she didn’t suffer fools gladly. So put on an Irish tune, pour something in your glass and here’s “sláinte” to you Marie. Miss you heaps, sister.
    Love, Monty / Pete

  7. Joan Sinrich says:

    A truly special and devoted Aunt … always taking care of us even though she was only a few years older and a few hairs taller. Took us everywhere and helped us navigate our small world. A pinball wizard, embracer of life with a ready laugh, world traveler, peanuts gang aficionado, dart challenger, sharp shooter. She would bribe us to call her Aunt Marie when we were all little at the playground with an offer of Hershey’s chocolate kisses – to prove how grownup she was. A true leader of her niece and nephew pack on treks through creeks, libraries, church, blackberry patches and games of every kind. Her tell it like it is spirited ways will always make me smile with tremendous affection and love.

  8. Sheryle Smith says:

    I know at this very moment you are exploring the entire universe and learning everything and how it works. I know that you are asking every heavenly entity that you encounter the why’s. Oh by the way don’t forget to give Hooch and Sam Sam a kiss and ask the dog/parrot question and tell your mother “Hello” from me.

    I am sad for myself that you physically will no longer be on this plain. I realized, that you will never be truly “gone”. I vow to have more adventures, but I draw the line on the skydiving, why jump out of a perfectly good plane? I will continue with the Ireland trip we were planning and I know you will be there with me to point out what you discovered on your big adventure. I love you, come check in sometimes and fill me in.

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