Karen Ann Shue Bickle

Born: 08/09/1952 Passed:

Karen Ann Shue Bickle passed away on November 16, 2020. She was a loving mother of two sons, Lance and Jonathan Shue: a loving daughter to mother, Helena and a fun-loving sister to her brother, Eddie. She worked as a home health aide for Better Home Health Care. She loved camping with her kids and shooting pool and playing cards. She also loved her animals especially her dogs and cats.  Karen was a loving person to everyone that knew her; always helping people who needed food or a place to stay. She was a great cook and she loved baking for her family and friends. Karen also modeled for Deb’s clothing line. She loved dancing and singing the night away with her friends. She was a loving Christian at Mary Parish Annunciation Church. And her great accomplishments in life were her loving kids.

Our souls might fly throughout the night, as are memories take to a new height.

As our love will never end. It will live on forevermore, in death and in life.

Two sides make it whole again, as our souls untie again once on earth and again in heaven. So, God bless you mom and rest in peace.

Your loving sons,  Lance and Jonathan Shue


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