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Joni Kay Loudin, 60, (née Slusser) of Akron, Ohio peacefully went home to be with the Lord on March 8, 2015.
Preceded in death by her mother and best friend Kathleen Cummings (née Oberhauser),
Joni is survived by her children: Tarrah Focht (Jamie) and Nathen Westfall (Tiffany), four grandchildren, two nieces, two nephews, and one great-nephew. She is also survived by her four sisters and brother: Gayle Slusser, Cindy Loudin, Kelly Johnson (Art), Kim Cummings and Kyle Cummings (Nicole), her cousin Nanette Folsom (Ed), and her beloved “dumb dog” Baxter.
A Celebration of Life will be held for close friends and family on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 2:00pm at the family’s home. All other services will be private.
Family and friends may send condolences and sign the guest book as well as make arrangements to attend Joni’s Celebration of Life at www.


6 Tributes to Joni Kay Loudin

  1. Cindy says:

    Dear little sis. You are so loved and will be missed very much. You are with our dear Mom and your are now at peace. The many years we were together I will remember many funny times we shared. Nathan and Tarrah, bless you both.

  2. Nanette says:

    Joni, you were always a sister to me in my heart. I feel much sorrow and heartache with your passing. I wish you could have believed in yourself the way others believed in you. I wish you could have seen the potential in yourself, the way others did. I have decided that when I think of you it will be from back in the day….you, your sisters and I singing into our hairbrushes, dancing in the breezeway and spinning the old 45’s. I’ll always remember ironing your hair straight, and then laughing years later that you paid people to make it curly! You had a heart so big, so tender, that the world could be too much for you at times. Rest in peace sister and dance on the Summer Wind with your Mom.

  3. Kay Harris says:

    Joni and I share a special bond. .Kayla and Piper. The day Kayla was born we had all been up all night at the hospital filled with excitement and anticipation. Everyone was there. Nate fell asleep in the closet, Gammy used the men’s room! There was much laughter. Then when the time came and we were told we had to wait downstairs during the birth we couldn’t contain ourselves. Joni and I snuck up to delivery and acted all casual and hung out in the hallway. We even pressed our ears to the door. Then we heard this little cry and at that moment we hugged, jumped up and down and laughed we were Grandma’s! I will remember you always.

  4. lynda and angie says:

    We only knew Joni and Baxter for a short time. She is now with her mom, and best friend, right where she wanted to be.Our condolences to Cindy and the family. Just know she is at peace now.

  5. Tarrah Focht says:

    Oh Mom, where do I even begin? I already miss you so much and all the fun times we shared. I’ll miss your constant nagging for me to make you tuna casserole when we would have you over for dinner and I’ll miss your raiding through my tea cupboard for *your* tea. I’ll miss having sleepovers with you, which I wish we could have done more often, and I’ll miss watching Maury & Judge Judy with you and laughing at the ridiculousness. . I’ll miss your phone calls at holidays telling me to turn on such and such station for the kids because there is a holiday special on for them to watch. You were always thinking of your grandkids and they will never forget you. I will share stories with them for the rest of my life, (God knows you’ve given me enough material lol). I’ll miss making Thanksgiving dinner with you and watching the Macy’s day parade despite the fact you knew it bored me to tears, but that was our tradition. I’ll miss listening to music with you when we’d take drives together, and I’ll miss how mad you’d get at me when I’d call Baxter “dumb dog.” BUT you started calling him that yourself so there! 🙂
    I’ll miss your sense of humor, your ability to make anyone laugh, your big heart, and your excessively underlined Hallmark cards at holidays the most. ^_^ I will remain forever grateful that we had become so close over the past 4 years or so, and will cherish that always. <3 <3 <3

    I'm sorry that I didn't tell you I was returning from Japan early, as I wanted to surprise you. I know you were proud of me for going to Japan to further my career for my family and that meant everything to me, especially since you didn't want me to go because you didn't want me to be so far away. Despite your feelings you were still so encouraging, even through your tears at our final goodbye, and I will never, ever forget that.

    You were always supportive of my dreams and you taught me so much, far more than you ever gave yourself credit for. You were there for me during some pretty bad times and it was an absolute honor to take care of you when it was my turn to be there for you, whether that was by explaining what you didn't understand, getting you into physical rehabilitation, speaking with the doctors, setting up your treatment, and at times advocating for you at the hospital with the God-send that is Nanette. None of that ever made you a burden to me, as much as you worried about being one. I would do anything for you and I hope you are finally at peace now.

    I love you and will miss you always. Until we meet again <3

  6. Kelly Johnson says:

    RIP big sis!Will miss all your nonsense and laughter.I know you are at peace now and most likely making mom laugh.I am so glad we convinced you to come for the wedding.What a nice time having the whole family together.Also so glad I was able to see you last fall.Whatever will I do now with all the Harley shirts? I wish there had been time for you to get a ride on a Harley last time you were here!Ride now sis!Wind therapy good for the heart!

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