George Truxel Jr.

Born: 03/13/1964 Passed:

George Truxel Jr., born March 13th, 1964 to the late George and Sigrid Truxel, passed away peacefully at his home in the early morning of March 14th, 2020 after a courageous two-year battle with cancer. He was surrounded by family and his beloved dog, Star, who never left her daddy’s side. George is survived by his loving wife and faithful companion, Cheryl. George’s pride and joy were his children, Matt (Hillary), Cassandra (Steve), Dani, and Jordan (deceased). He is also survived by his dearest siblings, his twin brother, Walt (Patty) and his older sister, Penny. Beloved Opa to three grandchildren, Anah, Evan, and Amyah, and dear uncle to Mikey and Doug. George spent much of his free time with his much loved and intensely spoiled fur babies, Star, Mister, Emmy, and Miss Pickles.

George was a kind and thoughtful man who was committed to his family, always sure to praise and encourage his loved ones in their endeavors. George and Cheryl loved nothing more than sitting on the front porch drinking coffee and engaging in good conversation or taking Star out on her walks in the sunshine. George enjoyed life and could always see the positive in situations even when things got tough. He really loved to ride his bicycle and to spend time outside in nearby parks. George’s family was touched by his love for the little things and will carry that feel-good spirit with them in his honor. George will be terribly missed and never forgotten. A private service celebrating George’s life will be held in late spring for family and close friends.

“We are made of Stardust; our whole body consists of material that has been here before the beginning of time.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

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4 Tributes to George Truxel Jr.

  1. Anah Truxel says:

    My opa was always there for me. He always motivated me to learn and be better. He actually taught me my ABC’s. One day I was walking home from school -this was actually very recent- and I have been having problems with this girl for a while. She had already gotten physical with me. But I was walking home and I caught her and her friends following me again but this time they brought a big guy. I got really scared and I called my opa. I started talking to him as if he was going to pick me up. He played along and tried to calm be down. They got super close that at last second I ran acrossed the street. I was walking away from home.. I started freaking out even more. Then my opa started to tell me ways I could defend myself if they got closer. He tried calming me down and told me that I got this. “You got this anah I believe in you. Your okay. Your fine.” I magaed to loose them and went to my friends house to get a ride home. My opa stayed on the phone with me until I got a ride home. My opa was a kind, loving, strong man. He taught me a lot in my life. I hold him close to my heart. I love you opa.

    • Anonymous says:

      He called me that very day telling me what happened. From this day forward you live each day to its fullest Anah. Opa will always be watching over and right next to you. He loved you so very much and wants you to be happy in life. So be just that my darlin 😉

  2. Rachelle Meade says:

    George was the strongest most beautiful angel that i have ever met. He definitely has a special place in heaven. Im so honored to have met him

  3. Amyah Crutchfield says:

    Opa loves us very much! He’s the one who taught me to draw! He was a very talented man we all miss him! I hope he misses us as much as we miss him.

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