Francis Alexander “Alex” Petty-Virden

Born: 01/17/1992 Passed:

Francis Alexander Petty-Virden (Alex), age 27, of Akron, Ohio, passed away on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Alex was born on January 17, 1992 to his parents Deborah Petty and Leonard Virden in Akron, Ohio. He lived in Akron most of his life. He had an infectious smile that would light up a room. Alex was kindhearted, giving to those in need and so smart. He will be missed by many friends and family, including Susie Costell and Cara (Jonathan) Murkins who helped in his childhood/adulthood.

He is survived by his parents, Deborah Petty and Leonard Virden; brothers, Timothy (Sharon) Monroe, Kyle Virden, Matthew DiPersi, Eric Steinborn, Travontay Blackstone, Sirvontay Blackstone, and Devan Stafford; sisters, Myleah Virden, and Alannah Murkins; grandparents, Lena Griffin and Willie A. (Carmen) Virden; Uncle Willie L. (Tralana) Virden; cousins; Warren Wheeler Sr., Darnett (Janay) Virden, Joshua Virden, Brandon (Tasha) Smith, Kaylah Ellis, John Ziruolo, Joe Ziruolo, Jeff Ziruolo, Joshua Ziruolo, and Jeremiah (Elisabeth) Ziruolo; and many more family members.

He is proceeded in death by his brother, Ricky Petty-Hall; Grandfather, Ronald Petty Sr.; and Aunt, April Ziruolo.

Memorial services followed by a celebration of life balloon release to be announced.


16 Tributes to Francis Alexander “Alex” Petty-Virden

  1. Deborah says:

    He was the best son i could ask for and 4ever will be loved n high baby till i see soon…luv mom

  2. Rev. Michael & Jacci Neal says:

    It truly saddened me to hear that Alex had passed, but now he’s in a much better place where’s there’s nothing but love and joy. RIP Alex

    • Anonymous says:

      Ty Aunt Jacci….it means alot right now..n yes he’s definitely in a much better place…i miss him so very much…much luv 2 u Aunt Jacci n ty so very much!!!

    • Deborah says:

      Idk why this reply wasn’t posted..i wanna thank u Aunt Jacci for ur kind words n he’s definitely in a much better place than we are that’s 4 damn sure but…i just had 2 thank u from the bottom of my heart!!!…hes truly n definitely missed so badly it hurts way 2 deep but…ty again it means alot right now…much luv 2 u n ur family!!!

      • Pastor Michael Neal Sr. Aunt Jacci Father( Miami) says:

        Ms. Petty,
        From my family and Church
        We would like to send you our Deepest condolences on the lost of your son, May God continue to wrap his arms around you as you go through these sad times.
        God Bless:

      • Dave says:

        OMG. I remember going to middle school with him. RIP bro.

  3. Susie Costell says:

    May not have been my son born from my belly but, definitely my son born from my heart. Always loved.

    • Grandmother Lena L Griffin says:

      Lena Griffin
      Alex it seems that it was only yesterday when you were with me. The love you would bring and the fun we would have learning about the word of God. Rest baby boy. Tell the family hello.

      • Lena Griffin says:

        I want to thank the Neal family for the celebration of life you had for my. Grand son Alex in California and Miami. May you all be forever blessed for the Love you have shown.

        • Pastor Michael Neal Sr. says:

          Ms. Griffin:
          My wife and I would like you to know that our prayer are with you and you’re family as you go through the grieving period of your Grandson.

    • Grandmother Lena L Griffin says:

      Alex, I remember the good times we would have in and out of church and you learning Gods word. You made me so proud when I would ask you what the preacher preached about and you would tell me and you would be right. I love you baby boy.

      • Pastor Robert Davis ( Miami Fl) says:

        All though the family hasn’t physically met you, I along with the rest of the Neal family would like to send my condolences as well for the lost of your grandson.
        The Lord will guide you to find comfort that you so need at this time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aww..ty Sue!!!

  4. Deborah says:

    Aww…Sue that was so sweet of u n nice 2 say…thank u again so very much…u’ll always be mommy Sue…4ever n always…ty 4 ur kind words hun!!!

  5. Deborah says:

    I must post again…he was such a wonderful n caring son…not a minute or sec goes by that i wish u we’re still here so i could see that sparkling smile n goofy laugh…u we’re so extremely special n the very best part of me…u we’re my soul purpose 2 live n breathe everyday…n i can’t picture living this life without u in it…cuz 2 me there’s no life without you!!!….i no ur definitely a angel but…you we’re always my angel,my heart n my whole life…rip my dear son n no i miss n luv u so very much…it hurts deep 2 my soul….they’re will never be another you…u we’re definitely 1 of a kind n i was the 1 who was terribly blessed 2 have u as my son…life will not EVER be the same EVER again….i can’t wait till we’re together again….4ever!!!
    No me without u n no u without me…fly high my precious angel n i no 4 a fact ur watching over me now n i just hope I’ll be able 2 make u proud…much luv boo boo…4ever n always with me!!! Luv u dearly…ya momma!!! God has a special place 4 u cuz u we’re definitely 1 of a kind….luv u n god do i miss u terribly. N I NO DEEP IN MY HEART THAT UR WATCHING OVER ME EVERYDAY…UNTIL WE’RE TOGETHER AGAIN…FLY HIGH BABY BOY!!!!

  6. Marla Jackson (Miami Fl) says:

    Ms. Petty,
    I’m a part of Jacci Neal’s family as well, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy
    on the lost of your son. A mother losing a child is the deepest pain a mother can experience. Please Know that you are in our prayers.

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