Crystal Gail Dicus

Born: 09/08/1978 Passed:

Crystal Gail Dicus left this world too soon.  She tried her best to make it a better place for all creatures.  Crystal loved so many people and was loved by so many, but she lives on brightest in those that loved her most. Her husband, Jacob Dicus along with his family, father and mother, Jerry Dicus and Joy Dicus née Becker, sibling-in-laws, Jeremy  (Rachelle) Dicus, Jamie Dicus, and Amanda (Jeff) Rose, nieces and nephew Grace and Ella Dicus, Lilly, Haylee, and Stefan Rose, remembers when they first met: In 1996, I was working at a pizza shop with Crystal. She asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with some friends because she had an extra ticket. I said yes, and asked her out soon after. Since 1997, we have not spent more than a month apart at a time. Through long distances, health emergencies, life’s triumphs, and those small things that couples share, we spent our lives together. We made friends in new places, ventured out to see wilderness and sprawl, tried to make people laugh and feel welcome, and loved the group of family and friends that surrounded us. She showed everyone and every animal she met kindness. If you knew Crystal, please have a cup of tea in her memory, and do something strange, unexpected, and kind for those around you.

Crystal will always be loved by her father Jack Hardesty. He was so proud of her, and to be her father:  Crystal was a unique and genuine person, and not afraid to be her own person.  She was deeply loved by me and so many others.

Crystal’s mother Sandra Hardesty née Heneger remembers Crystal as one in a million:  There was no one like her in the universe. She was loving, kind, tender-hearted, generous, thoughtful and supportive. We had a spiritual connection, often thinking or saying the same thing at the same time.  Crystal made me a better person.  Not only were we mother and daughter, but best of friends. I was greatly blessed and honored to be her mother.

Crystal is fondly remembered by her sister, Teri Bakies, her brother-in-law Joseph Bakies, and her nephews, Jacoby McCormick and Collin McCormick.  Teri remembers and charishes all those deeply personal memories that are just everyday life when they happen, but mean everything now:  We sat on a blanket in front of the console TV, watching cartoons and eating cereal on Saturday mornings. We played Barbies and rode our bicycles on the sidewalks that were anything but level. We practiced the alphabet late at night when we were supposed to be sleeping. We made blanket forts with the kitchen chairs and brought EVERY stuffed toy we had downstairs. We held hands walking to school. We roller skated in the funeral parking lot. We played at the park and I spun the merry-go-round so fast Crystal flew off. We rode our sleeping bags down the stairs and laughed like there was no tomorrow.  We watched The Wizard of OZ every year we were together and Mama made us popcorn and added in potato chips! For twenty three years, we passed the same birthday card to each other. We grew together and then apart simply because of our age difference. Only to bring it back together and discover we are so much more alike than we realized.  Our love of all things natural and pure, from the bees pollinating, to the fish skeletons on the beach. EVERYTHING has beauty to us. We understood each other on so many levels that explanations were never necessary. Our time together is timeless and cherished to the fullest. Although Crystal is gone from this Earth, she is alive in my heart. Always my sister — forever my friend.

Crystal tried to be kind, genuine, and welcoming throughout her life.  She did not want to have a funeral service, but if you would like to memorialize her in a way she would have appreciated, please consider making a donation to LASA Farm Animal Sanctuary in Wooster, Ohio, or Mid-Ohio Animal Welfare League. Or, go to a local animal shelter or rescue and adopt a pet — all the better with her if it is a spider, pig, or a crow, especially a crow; dogs and cats are okay, too.


19 Tributes to Crystal Gail Dicus

  1. Seester says:

    Eternally LOVED. I’m not going to miss you because you are gone… I’m going to miss you because I had you in my life. I’m not sorry for pulling you out of the recliner by your ankles :*)

    • Gia says:

      This is the most loving tribute. Beautiful
      Crystal would want us all to remember her and laugh, or be kind to those we share the planet with, or help a vulnerable someone in any way. All of my spider visitors will now be forever named Crystal.
      My sincere empathy and sympathy to all missing her.

  2. Teri says:

    No Crystal, 22nd Street is not pronounced Secondy Seckent!!!!

  3. Monica Vereau says:

    I’ll never forget that one of the last times I saw our dear Crystalicious in person was when in late April of this year she drove herself all the way to my house (close to an hour away from hers) to share her nutritional shakes with me because I ended up in the ER as a consequence of food poisoning. She was a gem and we’ll miss her terribly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crystal adored you! Many times during our conversations she would say… I HAVE to tell Monica! Thank you for being YOU. Teri

    • Kim says:

      Sick as a dog from chemo and making sure my dark chocolate bar didn’t melt in transit for my birthday in August! It didn’t and was a perfect compliment to the tea that came with it! Such caring us rare. I can’t stop thinking about that big head of hair on a baby Crystal, diaper only, running happily barefooted around the yard. Joyous….that’s who you are! Much love…and Purlie says….hey, Cystal! The mama got that damn camera out! I want to let you know I’m thinking about you today and I love ya!

    • Joy Dicus says:

      Crystal and Jake have been synonymous. Truly, even time struggles with this new concept.
      My wish is peace for all who love Crystal. Everlasting peace.

  4. Terri Berish says:

    Dear Jake & all of Crystal’s family,

    What a beautiful tribute to Crystal. You all have captioned her in all phases of her life. Her memories will always be with you and she will always hold a very special place in everyone’s heart.
    My sincerest sympathy to all of you, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    I have already drank more than a pot of tea, while thinking of her and all the good she has done. She was an amazing lady!

  5. Jerry Captain Cook says:

    All of us that knew and loved her even though we feel cheated out of sharing many more years of with her on Earth. We all are better from sharing in her love..

  6. Nancy Smith says:

    Crystal was always a kind gentle soul who loved to laugh. My favorite memory was when they were in church—Crystal was very young— And she asked her dad to sing “Hang down your head Tom Dooley”. It was an honor to be her Aunt.

  7. Linda Fleming says:

    An earth angel has gone to heaven. Rest peacefully! You will be missed!

  8. Jeff Hoyt says:

    Crystal was truly one of a kind, a special and caring person. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Crystal for about ten years, and my only regret is that I did not spend more time with her or Jake over that time. All my memories of her are fond, and if I could unleash even a fraction of the kindness that I saw she brought into this world, I would consider that a wonderful life lived.

  9. Shannon Russell says:

    Crystal was Bright light that always shined! I’m so glad I had pleasure of meeting her and working with her at LMH. She will be sadly missed. Rest easy 💔

  10. Paul Trinh says:

    All I can feel is warmth, gentleness, and kindness when I think of Crystal. It’s been a while since I had gotten to enjoy Jake and Crystal’s company; time hasn’t lessened my memories of those wonderful qualities she emitted! You will be missed Crystal!

  11. Lynn Farmer says:

    What stands out in my mind about Crystal is that it’s ok to take a liking to odd things. Things that make people go Ewww! Also, her gentle nature that was mixed with a weirdness. It jumped out at me. Such a truly unique, genuinely caring soul and when you talked to Crystal, no matter what the subject, you can tell she was totally interested. She gave you her full undivided attention. My only regret is that I didn’t get to hang with her more. See you on the other side friend. Rest peacefully.

  12. Anonymous says:

  13. Honesty Walker says:

    Crystal was the kind of person that made everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. I never knew what was going to come out of her mouth of my own when talking to her. In the absolute best way! I grieve not for her loss, but for the world that so badly needs more Crystals! Rest In Peace, my friend.

  14. Beth; Tofu Cat says:

    Such a wonderful description of Crystal written above; anyone who knew her was fortunate to have had her in their life, whether briefly or for a long time. To me one word that may best describes her would be genuine. Often rare to find in this world, her kindness and thoughtfulness shined through in a most genuine way. Like a warm hug, it was very comforting to be around her. I will forever keep her in my heart with every cup of tea.
    Sending much love to Jake and her family

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