Brett Allyn Barrick

Born: 06/30/1969 Passed:

In loving memory of Brett Allyn Barrick, born June 30th, 1969 who passed away June 26th, 2019. He is survived by his mother, Penny Cutlip; stepfather, Robert Cutlip; three daughters; brother, Terry Barrick Jr.; two sisters, Bobbianne and Penny Cutlip; grandmother, Dorothy Noll; nieces; nephews, and many friends.

He was preceded in death by his father, Terry Barrick Sr. and grandparents Nora and Earl Barrick.


14 Tributes to Brett Allyn Barrick

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. The Strock Family says:

    Prayers to Penny and family. RIP, Brett

  3. Bobbianne Cutlip and Brad Drake says:

    To a wonderful man that would of done anything for anyone in his family . He wore his heart on his sleeve . He was a hard worker . He loved his family, loved his mother more than anything in this world she was his best friend . Him and I were inseparable. We always had one another’s back on anything . I miss him so much. He will be missed dearly . I LOVE you Brett Allyn Barrick ,rest easy ,fly high.

    • Lori Madison Hartshorn says:

      Known Brett along time. Fly high now. Hope ya see some old buddies up there. To the family, I am very sorry for your loss.

  4. Jeffro says:

    The man may have not been perfect but who is all and all I can never remember a time I ever needed anything and this man turned me down he made many memories with me that I will never forget till my death my uncle Bret was the first person to take me catfishing this man is responsible for many great and wonderful memories that will last way longer than this post and for that I thank you uncle brett I love you and rest In piece we will all be together one day but no time soon enough

    • Jackie Wadding says:

      His heart was golden and his kindness great. Rest in peace dear friend.
      You will always be apart of great memories.

    • Jenna Thrasher says:

      You are the love of my life. I miss you so much but I’ll be seeing you very very soon so I’m not that upset. I love you baby always and forever.

  5. Gilbert Carson says:

    Rip my friend

  6. Mom says:

    Brett may have been a little wild but he had a heart that was big and helped everyone he has many friends that will tell you the same I miss him and you will always be in my heart he is not only my son but my best friend I loved you Brett

  7. Dustin Cutlip says:

    Uncle Brett I was devastated to hear you was gone you have taut me how to hunt and survibe off the land you never once turned your back on any of your family I will miss you more than words can express I love you uncle Brett atleast now you can be with Ryan and shaggy and you arent alone up there fly high I love you you will be missed by many and always loved amd in many of peoples memories rip your nephew

  8. Anonymous says:

    This guy made me laugh til I cried many times and he always had my back. Lots of great memories! Fly high Brett…you & Randall are back together to raise some hell.

  9. Diane M. Grinder says:

    My Friend, May God be with you in eternity. You will and already are missed by many and loved by many. It has not been the same since you are gone. You would give the shirt off your back for someone in need. You are the Father of my 2 beautiful granddaughters that will always be part of you. I still cry in the darkest hours because you are not here. Jenna loved you and still does. I love you Brett.

  10. peggy woodring (mccune) says:

    dang childhood friends to adults you was one crazy ass guy brett and you was funny as can be ..i’ll miss you man 🙁 forever a brother/friend r.i.p brett ♥

  11. Anonymous says:

    Been thinking of you more and more than ever I miss you so much words can’t even express it I love you Brett I will always love you and miss you I hope I see you soon you’re always in my heart

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