What is the Cremation Process?

In order to make a difficult decision easier, we feel that it is most important for families to understand the cremation process. You should feel confident in your selection and in the people you have chosen to carry out your wishes. Fortunately for all of us, Ohio has become a very strict state when it comes to cremation. The following is a summary of how things are done at Heritage Cremation Society.

The Heritage Cremation Society operates its own facility guaranteeing families the most professional and secure services.
Following the death of a loved one, we will send a member of our on call staff to the place of death to transfer the deceased to our nearest facility. Upon arrival at the care facility or residence, our staff member will place an ID bracelet on the wrist or ankle of the deceased and do a complete inventory of any personal belongings. If a family member or responsible party is available our staff will secure a signature from them confirming the identity of the deceased.

The deceased is then transferred to our facility where additional identification is obtained and recorded (fingerprints, picture, etc.). The body of the deceased is then placed into a special enclosure (alternative container) for refrigeration and safe and secure keeping.

The family of the deceased will meet with a licensed funeral director, usually the owner of Heritage Cremation Society, in order to complete the necessary paperwork. In Ohio, there are (3) requirements that must be met prior to cremation. They are as follows:

  • We must obtain a signed death certificate. The death certificate is typically prepared by the licensed funeral director and delivered to the physician or medical examiners office for signing. The properly signed death certificate is then filed with the appropriate health department where a burial, transit, cremation permit is obtained for cremation.
  • We must obtain a signed cremation authorization form. The cremation authorization form will be prepared by the licensed funeral director and will be signed by the appropriate next of kin granting permission to carry out the cremation.
  • We must wait a minimum of 24 hours following the death of the deceased before cremation can take place. Even if both requirements listed above are met, the body cannot be cremated until the 24-hour period holding period has been met.
Once the authorizations have been obtained, necessary permits issued and any family viewing requests satisfied or waived, the body of the deceased can be scheduled for cremation. A member of the Heritage Cremation Society staff will contact the family prior to cremation to let them know when the cremation will take place. The corrugated box containing the deceased is then placed into the cremation chamber for cremation. Only one person can be cremated at one time. Depending on weight and other factors, the process takes approximately three hours to complete. Following a cooling down period, the cremains of the deceased are collected, processed and then placed into a double walled heavy-duty polyurethane bag. Two separate forms of identification, a stainless steel medallion and a laminated nametag are attached to the bag. The stainless steel medallion will be engraved with a number unique to the deceased and is used as an internal control number throughout the process. The bag, which contains all the remains of the deceased, is then placed into a secure protective container that also receives a label with all the necessary information.

Upon completion of the cremation, the Heritage Cremation Society staff will prepare the necessary paperwork to transfer the cremains of the deceased to the family or designated party.

In Ohio, the process of cremating a body can only be carried out by a licensed crematory. State inspectors visit these crematories regularly in order to guarantee their adherence to state laws and to protect the public. Every funeral home in Ohio can offer cremation services but where the actual cremation takes place is most important. Crematories are either owned by funeral homes and cremation services or by a third party crematory operator. Because very few funeral homes operate their own crematories, most (nearly 80%) rely on third party crematory operators. The Heritage Cremation Society operates its own facility guaranteeing families the most professional and secure services.

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