Different Forms of Memorialization for Cremation

Figuring out how to memorialize a loved one after cremation is no easy task. You want to find the perfect way to pay tribute to a person who was such an important part of your journey.

If you can’t decide how to best honor your loved one, here are some options to consider…

Have a Ground Burial of Their Urn

Cremation urns can be both attractive and suitable for burial. If you want a formal ceremony to say goodbye to your loved one, throw a small gathering for close friends and family.

Choose a Scattering Garden

Many cemeteries have scattering gardens—a place where you can scatter some of the ashes of your loved one. Often, cemeteries have a wall to feature the names of those who have had their ashes scattered there. That can give you a permanent place to visit over the years to pay your respects.

Beautify a Park

Parks are wonderful places for tributes to your loved one. You can put in a park bench with their name on it or plant a tree featuring their name on a nearby plaque. You may get additional comfort from seeing that bench provide a seat for weary walkers or watching children seek that tree’s shade on a hot summer day.

Plus, a park is a beautiful place for friends and family to come visit and remember a beautiful person.

Make Jewelry Out of the Ashes

If you want a piece of your loved one to be with you always, you can do that with cremation jewelry. You can put some of the ashes in a locket to keep near your heart. Or, you can have some of the ashes mixed into the raw materials used for making the jewelry. You can even have a diamond made out of your loved one’s ashes. Jewelry is a great way to keep them with you at all times.

Add Ashes to a Stained Glass Window

Ashes can be placed into stained glass windows you can view all year long at your house. It’s a beautiful tribute you can see without leaving your house.

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