Memorial Services Ideas After Lakewood, OH Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective body disposition method that there is since it pretty much sticks with the basics and leaves out the extras. But this doesn’t mean that you have to pass on a memorial service. With that in mind, read on for Lakewood, OH direct cremation memorial services ideas to help you get started.

Pick a Theme

By choosing a theme, you can put together a unique memorial that honors the memory of your loved one after direct cremation. How do you select a theme? You can find cues based on the sorts of things your loved one enjoyed while alive. If the person was a fan of the New York Jets, decorate the memorial space with the colors of the team — in this case hunter green and white — to create an environment that pays homage to the dearly departed. You can also use the green-and-white color scheme for other things such as white plates with green napkins, white and green after dinner mints, and perhaps even vanilla ice cream with green candy sprinkles. You get the idea. You can use your creativity to figure out exactly what theme would best mark the occasion. Fortunately, you can do this even on a tight budget, so you don’t have to spend a lot. If you need a venue to hold your memorial, get in touch with All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society for some recommendations.


You might have to pass out the tissues — green and white, if you will — for this memorial idea. A memorial slideshow, especially if accompanied by fitting music, can take you, your family and other attendees down memory lane as everyone looks at pictures of the deceased in happier times. Whether the pictures showcase the person’s marriage, family, graduations or anything else, you can set the tone with a slideshow that honors the memory of the dearly departed. You might already have software on your computer that is capable of creating a memorial slideshow. Otherwise, you can find free software that will help you do this. A memorial slideshow will definitely be a fitting addition to a memorial service after a direct cremation in Lakewood.

Butterfly or Dove Release

There are companies you can contact to arrange a butterfly release or a dove release. These sorts of memorial activities not only symbolize letting go and moving on, but also provide an activity that can be liberating and empowering for people of all ages. So, after you’ve held a moving memorial service, you and everyone else in attendance can close things off with a butterfly release or a dove release. And, of course, letting go doesn’t mean forgetting the deceased. It just provides a way to acknowledge that the person has passed on.

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Patrick Mahoney