How to Prepare a Body for Cremation

Cremation has largely been able to distance itself from misleading and erroneous claims. For instance, it was previously believed by many that the process was undignified and unbefitting a human body. These days, more and more people are opting for cremation, however.

But if you’re interested in Cleveland, Ohio cremations, have you stopped to think about what it entails? You’re bound to have some questions about the ins and outs of cremation – and one such question might very well revolve around how a body is prepared prior to cremation. What follows is a look at what goes into preparation before the body is put in the cremation chamber.

Right Away or Delay?

In the event that the cremation won’t take place inside of two days, it might have to be preserved properly. Check with the funeral home you’re dealing with to find out the specifics as per your state’s regulations and policies on the matter. Preserving the body will usually entail embalming — a process where the bodily fluids are extracted and replaced with special chemicals that will slow down decomposition — or refrigeration. An embalmed body might be preserved for a week or so while a refrigerated body could be preserved for a number of weeks. Also consider that the embalming process also sanitizes the deceased so that the body is clean.

Dress Up

If you’re planning to have a public viewing or some sort of event prior to the cremation, you will probably want to ensure that the body of your deceased loved one is presentable. This could mean dressing the body in formal clothing and even doing the hair or applying makeup if applicable. A funeral home will be able to provide tips on what you can do to ensure that your deceased loved one looks his or her best for the final send off. Sometimes people specify what they want to be dressed in after they die – maybe a wedding dress, suit or jewelry. Just make sure that the requester lets you know exactly where these things can be found.

Direct Cremation

Note that the aforementioned tips only apply to cremation that is not of the direction cremation variety. With direct cremation, you won’t have the opportunity to embalm or to dress the body. If cremation was selected before death, the body will be retrieved from the place of death and the direct cremation will take place shortly thereafter. Whatever the deceased person was wearing at the time of death is what he or she will be cremated in.

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Patrick Mahoney