How to Pre-Plan Your Funeral Service

Are you the sort of person who likes to exercise control over the things you actually have control over? While death is something that none of us can stave off forever, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a big say in how your final send off at Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service will be.

The name of the game is personalization as you can add your own unique personal touch to virtually any aspect of your Mayfield Heights, Ohio funeral service. So if you want things done in a specific way, pre-planning your funeral service can be an enjoyable exercise.

What follows are some things to consider if you decide that pre-planning is for you:

How to Go About it

If you’re looking to set up an occasion that is more upbeat than somber, then try to inject your personality into the program. Whether that involves selecting some of your favorite songs, choosing a beautiful floral arrangement or picking poignant readings to set the tone, you can personalize every bit of your memorial service or funeral service beforehand.

Now, take a look at some of the things you should mull over before pre-planning your funeral service.

Officiating. Who do you want to officiate at your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service or memorial service? Is it a spouse, a sibling, a friend? Whoever it is, be sure to get his or her permission prior to putting pen to paper and naming the person as the one who’ll officiate at your funeral or memorial service.

Readings. You may also want readings, such as poems, inspirational passages included in the program, or even something that you decide to write beforehand for the occasion.

Donations. Do you have a charity that’s near and dear to your heart? Whether you like to support an animal shelter, a program that hands out food vouchers to underprivileged children, or any other charity, you can use the occasion of your funeral service or memorial service to be a blessing to others posthumously. Ensure that your family includes a note in the funeral service program that tells attendees which charity you’d like people to donate to in your honor.

Speakers. It’s likely that there are some people in your family and close circle of friends who you’d be honored to have speak at your memorial service or funeral service in Mayfield Heights, OH. Jot their names down and stipulate who you want to do the speaking aside from readings.

Pallbearers. Yes, you can just leave it up to those who attend to determine who the pallbearers will be, or you can select who those people will be. They’ll be honored that you chose them.

Location. You can also choose where you want your memorial service or funeral service held. If there’s a special location to you and yours, then perhaps that would be an ideal spot.

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Patrick Mahoney