How to Know When Cremation is a No-Brainer

One responsibility that you probably won’t enjoy is planning the final services of a loved one who has died. Any reluctance you might feel likely won’t be because you find the task a burden – rather it’s because you would rather plan things about life rather than plan things about death. But circumstances may require you someday to contact a funeral home in Strongsville, OH to plan a cremation or a funeral service so that your loved one receives an honorable disposition. While both cremation and traditional burial are good options, you’ll see that there are times when cremation, rather than burial, is simply a no-brainer.  

It’s a No-Brainer if the Deceased Had Requested Cremation Prior to Dying 

Some people aren’t overly concerned about whether they’re cremated or buried after their death, but others are actually quite specific and want things done their way. If your relative clearly specified that they wanted to be cremated when the time arrived, then that’s pretty much the end of the discussion. You and your loved ones will simply have to make the plans a reality.   

It’s a No-Brainer if the Family Doesn’t Want a Religious Service 

Yes, some non-religious people have funerals, but others don’t want a body disposition that has any connection to a religion they either don’t practice or don’t believe in. So a funeral service held in a church and officiated by a member of the clergy might be a bit much for some. If there’s a cremation instead, then it can be either religious in focus or otherwise. With cremation, the focus is really on reducing the body back to its basic elements, so there’s no obvious connection to religion. It can be the perfect option if religion isn’t part of your lives.  

It’s a No-Brainer if You Don’t Believe in Spending More than Necessary 

Even if you and your loved ones have the ability to afford a lavish funeral service, that doesn’t mean that you believe that it would be worthwhile to spend more than is necessary. It’s best, after all, to go all-out for loved ones when they’re alive and can appreciate what is done. So instead of spending too much for the final services, you may prefer to save money by going with a cremation and then perhaps making a donation to a charity that the deceased had supported with their money and their time.  

It’s a No-Brainer if You Want to Reduce the Environmental Impact 

It’s obvious that a casket takes up a lot more space than does an urn. And if the ashes are scattered, then there won’t be a need for a burial plot at all. By going with cremation, you can reduce your deceased loved one’s carbon footprint and environmental impact since they will either take up very little space or no space at all. Also consider that cremation ashes are harmless. They don’t pose any environmental or health risk, so you can scatter them with a clear conscience.  

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Patrick Mahoney