How to Cope During the Holiday Season After Losing a Loved One

Different people grieve in different ways since there are no two people alike. And the holiday seasons can, unfortunately, serve as triggers that bring about feelings of grief and sadness.

Whether Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or any other occasion, the holidays can be a difficult time of year as you reminisce on happier times when you spent time with your now deceased loved one. But there are things you can do to eventually come to enjoy the holidays again.

Read on for a look at how to cope during the holiday season after losing a loved one – and remember that a funeral home in Parma, OH can recommend grief resources to help you cope.

Don’t Do Too Much

First things first — you need to understand what your limits are and don’t push beyond them. So, if you’re out at a family get together but are still grieving the recent loss of a loved one, understand when you’ve had enough of the festivities. Perhaps you might feel uncomfortable being around too many people. Maybe you want some alone time after an hour or so with your family and friends. When you realize that you’ve reached your limit, don’t hesitate to bid your adieus and leave. If you stick around too long, you’ll only make things more difficult for yourself.

Go Some Place New

After the funeral or Parma, OH cremation service, you’ll have to adjust to a new normal. If you had a set holiday season routine with your deceased loved one, you might want to change things up so that you’re not left comparing how things are with how things were. Instead, try something different. Why not spend a week at some all-inclusive resort someplace warm during the Christmas holidays? You can go some place new either by yourself or with a group of friends. What this will do is help you to take your mind off things and enjoy yourself.

Start New Traditions

Are you having a hard time when you remember past holiday traditions with your deceased loved one? You can deal with this by starting up new traditions. For instance, you can go to a homeless shelter during the Thanksgiving holiday to help serve food to the less fortunate, or you can head over to a nursing home with friends to do some caroling during the Christmas season. The sky is the limit when it comes to establishing new traditions after the death of a relative, so you can brainstorm and figure out what works for you.

At All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, we’re focused on providing the funeral services you need for your deceased loved one. As a funeral home in Parma, OH, we can also help to direct you to resources in the community where you can get support for dealing with your grief. We understand that life will go on for you and yours after the burial or cremation of your relative. We’re located at 16150 Brookpark Road in Cleveland, Ohio, so come by if you want to talk to one of our representatives. You can also call us today at (877) 351-6860.

Patrick Mahoney