Pre-Plan Cremation Information

Pre-planning Cremation

What is Funeral Pre-planning or Funeral Pre-arrangement?

When you plan in advance, you are making choices now based on your wishes as to how your final arrangements will be carried out. Planning ahead is a thoughtful way to reduce additional concerns and stress at the time of your death.

Why Have A Funeral Cremation Pre-plan?

Thinking about your own funeral leaves some people feeling a little uneasy, but more adults are finding that pre-planning a funeral or cremation offers great emotional and even financial security for them and their families. With pre-planning, families find comfort in knowing that the service reflects what their loved one wanted. It also gives them peace of mind to not have to make important decisions at a stressful time.

What are the advantages of advanced Funeral planning?

There are many advantages when you take care of your final arrangements in advance. The most obvious benefit is financial, but there are a number of emotional benefits as well. When you make arrangements in advance, you have a better opportunity to make informed choices. If you decide to pre-pay, you guarantee today’s prices and can take advantage of affordable payment plans. We provide additional professional advice on pre-planning and pre-paying.

Are pre-paid funeral arrangements guaranteed?

When you pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral arrangements, we guarantee that we will provide our services and the merchandise you pre-select, at the time of need. You pay today’s prices; the funds are then entrusted unto a third party in accordance with Ohio law in a Pre-need Funeral Policy. These policies are designed to grow in value, so the proceeds will cover the cost of the selected funeral arrangements when death occurs.

What is the difference between pre-paying and becoming a member only?

When you become a member, you do not need to pay for everything in advance—your family can pay for the services at the member rates being charged when services are rendered. When your plan is complete, the cremation society will keep it on file until it is needed. However, if you pre-pay at the time you become a member, you can lock in today’s prices and take advantage of our affordable payment options. We’ll be happy to discuss these options with you and help you make a decision that best suits your needs.

If I decide to pre-pay, do I have to pay the full amount all at once?

Of course you are welcome to pre-pay in one lump sum or make timely payments over 5 or 10 years. We are happy to explain the benefits and payment amounts based on your selections.

What happens if I decide to move to a different state?

Because 100% of the funds that you pre-pay are entrusted to a state of Ohio approved fund, you will lose nothing. If you do decide to move, we can either help you locate a provider in your new area of residence, or we will gladly handle the arrangements through another provider that we will contract and pay.

How do I transfer my existing pre-arrangements?

If you have already made funeral or cremation arrangements with another provider, we will gladly assist you in transferring those arrangements to All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society. In many cases you will be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by transferring your arrangements. The process is simple, and many times we already have the necessary forms in order to expedite the transfer.