Explaining Cremation to a Child

It’s not an easy feat to clearly explain to a child what death is and why her deceased loved one won’t be coming home. But it can be even more challenging to explain cremation to a little one.

It goes without saying that you need to take into consideration, first the age of the child and second, his or her emotional developmental level when explaining what a cremation service in Elyria, OH will entail. Read on for tips on how to go about explaining cremation to a child.

Younger Children

For a younger child who really is too young to understand what death means on a practical level, it might be difficult to get her to grasp what an Elyria, OH cremation service involves. It might be enough to inform such a little one that her deceased loved one is no longer in pain and that the person won’t feel anything during cremation. You can add that her deceased loved one wanted to be cremated rather than to be laid to rest under the ground. You can also include that cremation happens when the body is placed in a warm room that transforms the body into ashes sort of like a caterpillar rests in a cocoon and emerges a butterfly. Be sure to let her know that the ashes can be put into a special container and brought home so that the family can have a reminder of their deceased family member. You can stress that her aunt won’t feel pain and won’t be afraid during the cremation service in Elyria, OH. Be sure to ask her if she has any questions or comments about what you told her.

Older Children

It’ll be easier to explain death and cremation to an older child who, despite his tender age has the capacity to grasp what is happening around him. You can be more descriptive when explaining cremation to an older child, like one who is in grade school. Still, you’ll want to be careful of your word choice so that he isn’t left feeling afraid about the cremation service in Elyria, OH. As he comes to understand what cremation is and about the process, he will become more comfortable with it. Using analogies such as the caterpillar-to-butterfly example above will also help him to come to terms with the process of cremation.

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Patrick Mahoney