Direct Cremation Versus Cremation

When it comes to cremation as a body disposition method, there are basically two forms. Both types involve placing the body of the deceased in a cremation chamber that uses intense heat to reduce the body to bone fragments that are then pulverized into ashes. And while either type is an acceptable way to dispose of the body of a loved one, there are important differences.

What follows is a look at Lakewood, OH direct cremation versus cremation – so that people can choose the one they want for their dearly departed.


Traditional cremation, also known as classic cremation, is a process where the body of the deceased is embalmed and is present during any visitation event and during the funeral service. Depending on their wishes, the family of the deceased can choose an open casket or a closed casket. The body will be put into a casket manufactured from materials that are combustible, which will make it suitable for burning within the cremation chamber later on. Once the funeral service has been held, the casket containing the deceased will be brought to the crematory where the cremation will take place. What this means is that a classic cremation is similar to, or can be similar to, a traditional earth burial process. The key difference occurs after the funeral service where the casket containing the deceased is, in the case of traditional earth burial, taken to a grave plot and buried and is, in the case of a traditional cremation, taken to the cremation chamber. It should be noted that the cremated cremains, too, can be placed in an urn or in another container and buried similar to the way a traditional earth burial would be conducted.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the cheapest body disposition method. The primary reason why it is so cost effective is that it cuts out a lot of the extras. For example, after the deceased body is brought to the funeral home, it will not be embalmed. As well, the body won’t get hair care and might not even be sanitized. The body will be kept at the funeral home until a death certificate has been granted, and then it will be placed in the cremation chamber. With no viewing, visitation or funeral ceremony with the body present, a Lakewood, OH direct cremation is minimalist. Families can choose to have a memorial service after the creation has taken place.

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Patrick Mahoney