The Benefits of Choosing Cremations in Mayfield Heights, OH

Are you facing the difficult decision of cremation or traditional burial? It is hard to lose someone that you love, and many families feel overwhelmed about making the decisions for the final arrangements. Instead of stressing over the details, talk to our experienced team here at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. We provide direct cremations in Mayfield Heights, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Cremation is a personal choice, and you need to consider the requests of your family. If the deceased requested a cremation, then it is important that you respect their wishes. Even if the funeral is unexpected, there are times when families choose cremation instead of traditional burial.


Should You Choose Cremation?

Why should you skip a traditional burial and choose cremation instead? There are many reasons why cremations might make more sense than a cemetery plot with a casket. But, cremation is a final decision, so you need to evaluate your options to ensure that you are choosing the best plan for your family.

Sometimes, cremation is requested because of religious traditions. We can ensure that the body is dressed in the right clothing for the ceremony. Also, there is a little bit of room if you would like anything to be included in the cremation chamber.

Many families prefer cremation because they like the flexibility that is available for the final resting place. You can have the ashes buried if you prefer, giving family members a place to visit in the cemetery. Or, you might choose to keep the ashes at home in an urn, or distributed in multiple urns to family members.

The final option is to scatter the ashes in a location of your choice. Some families like to scatter the ashes over water or at their favorite family vacation spot. You can choose the right destination that will help you remember the person you have lost.


How Much Does Cremation Cost?

One of the reasons that you might consider cremation is to reduce the cost of the final arrangements. Add up the expenses for a funeral, and you will easily spend over $10,000 for everything. Not only do you need to cover the funeral home costs, but there are also expenses for the cemetery plot, casket, services, and more. This cost can be a burden on the family.

In comparison, cremation can be as cheap as $1,295. A basic cremation includes all of the services that are necessary, without any surprise costs or fees. Then, family members have the option to add on extra services if they would like to do anything else with the basic cremation.

We are always happy to cater the cremation services to match your needs. Talk to our team if you have something specific in mind so that we can provide a detailed expense breakdown to accommodate your requests.

When you choose All Ohio Cremation & Burial Services, Inc., you can know that we are always upfront with the pricing of the services. We work hard to offer clear packages and details costs, so there is never a surprise about how much money you will be spending. You can reduce the expenses by planning the cremation while you are still alive. Pre-planning gives you the opportunity to choose the details of the final resting place. Plus, you can pay for the services right now to reduce the financial burden on the family after you are gone.


What are the Rules for Scattering the Ashes?

We offer several options if you need assistance with scattering the ashes. You can choose to have the ashes scattered over Lake Erie, with a certificate that has the details of the location, time, and date of the scattering. Or, we can help you hire a charter if you would like to attend the scattering.

You also have the choice to scatter the ashes over land. In most states, there are no laws that prohibit the scattering of ashes. But, certain areas are restricted, so you need to check the local laws. For example, it is always acceptable to scatter the ashes on private land, but many public lands prohibit the scattering without approval from the government agency. Often, a Special Use Permit can be obtained from national parks to get the permission that is needed.

It can be a nice ceremony to have friends and family in attendance during the scattering. Or, you might prefer to keep it a private matter.

As you can see, many choices are available to match the cremation services to your preferences. If you have questions about the options that are offered in Mayfield Heights, OH, then you can talk to our team at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. to learn more. We are located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135. Or you can call if you have questions: (216) 631-4500