Full-Service Cremations in Lakewood, OH

Have you decided that cremation services are preferred over a traditional burial? This decision is personal and unique for every family. So, it is important that you compare options to choose the services that will match your preferences. At All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc., we offer quality cremations in Lakewood, OH, and the nearby areas.

Our team is here to assist with advanced-planning as well as immediate services. We know that you probably have questions about cremation. So, we invite you to contact us 24/7 if you need more information about the ways that we can help.


Why Cremation?

What is the advantage of choosing cremation instead of a traditional funeral? As you learn more about your choices, you will see that cremation opens up the options for your family. With a burial, you are limited to burial in a cemetery. But, cremation allows you to choose any resting place that you desire.

Another benefit of cremation is in the cost of the services. The expenses can add up when you plan a traditional burial. Not only do you need to pay for the casket, but you also have the cost of the cemetery plot, funeral services, embalming, and more. As a result, funerals are often more expensive than many people anticipate. In comparison, cremation is a fraction of the cost, helping to reduce financial stress during this time.

Religious ceremonies or family traditions can be incorporated into the cremation if desired. For example, some people choose to be present when the body is cremated so that they can view the proceedings. Or, the family might choose to have the body buried in specific clothing or with certain items. We will do our best to accommodate your requests whenever possible.


What is Done During the Cremation Process?

It is common for people to ask questions about the actual cremation. We handle the cremations on-site, giving us the benefit of overseeing every step of the cremation process.

First, the body is placed in a container that is designed to fit in the cremation chamber. The box is put into the chamber; then the temperature is increased to 1400 – 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The chamber is only big enough to hold one container at a time.

The container stays in the chamber for about two and a half hours at the high heat. During this time, all of the organic matter is consumed by the heat. The fragments that remain are small pieces of bone, which are then placed into an urn or temporary container.

From start to finish, it takes about three hours to complete. We always use a detailed labeling system to ensure the efficacy of the cremation process.


Can I Have a Funeral or Memorial with Cremation?

When you choose cremation, you have the full flexibility to choose how you want to memorialize the person you have lost. Some families choose to have a traditional funeral with the body, then schedule a cremation after the funeral is complete. Other times, people prefer a memorial after the cremation, with the ashes present in an urn. Or, you can skip the funeral or memorial and have a celebration of life instead.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to plan an event to remember the person who was lost. The best thing that you can do is consider the preferences of the deceased, as well as the requests of family members who will be in attendance.

After the cremation, you can choose to have the ashes buried in a family cemetery plot. Other options include memorialization in an urn, scattering the ashes in a memorial garden, or scattering the ashes in any location of your choice. We offer scattering services over Lake Erie if you prefer.


Pre-Arrangements for Cremation

There is no reason to wait for cremation planning if you know what you desire. Instead of leaving the burden on your family, you can pre-arrange the details while you are alive. Then, the family doesn’t need to make these difficult decisions after you are gone.

You are welcome to use our convenient online tool to choose the options that match your preferences. Or, you can always schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about the ways that we can help. Our goal is to simplify the funeral process, to reduce the stress during an already difficult time.

Do you have questions about cremations in Lakewood, OH? Then you need to talk to our experienced team for more information. At All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc., we offer direct cremation services to cater to the needs of your family. We are always here to provide the support that you need when you are making these decisions. Come to our location at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135. Or call if you need to schedule a consultation: (216) 631-4500