Personalized Options

Witnessing of Cremation


This optional service provides your family the opportunity to be present for the cremation at our crematory.

Hand Delivery Services


This optional service is for hand delivery to families in Stark, Summit, Medina, Portage, Tuscarawas and Cuyahoga counties and is limited to delivery within 60 miles of our administrative office. Hand delivery to these counties is included in our Signature Cremation Plan.  It is a service that is not included in our Basic Cremation Plan but that can be added at any time for $50.00

Shipping Cremains


This optional service includes preparing and shipping the cremains by priority mail express via the United States Postal Service to anywhere in the Continental United States.

Do-It-Yourself Memorial Package


This optional package provides your family with everything you need to conduct your own memorial service. We provide you with a personalized register book, #75 customized memorial folders, #25 acknowledgement cards and a custom laminated card for the obituary notice. Additional quantities can be ordered as needed.

Military and Graveside Services


This optional package includes our staff services to coordinate and supervise a graveside or mausoleum service at the cemetery. It includes transfer of the cremains to the cemetery and supervision of the services by a licensed member of our funeral home staff. This service is particularly beneficial for military services conducted at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman.

Scattering Services


This optional package offers the services of our staff for the scattering of your loved one’s cremains at an approved nature preserve. The locations are legal and we have been granted permission to carry out the scattering arrangements.

Certified Death Certificates

Prices Vary

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