“No Cost” Cremation Plan

The Heritage Cremation Society partners with several of the countries most respected anatomical donation and research companies to offer this free “No Cost” cremation plan. At the time of death, the body of the deceased is prepared by our staff and forwarded to the anatomical company for organ donation. They act as a bridge between the donor and the medical researchers who rely on donations to discover cures for diseases and to develop new and more effective treatments and therapies. They do this by acquiring, recovering, processing, storing and distributing organs and tissues to physicians, scientists and educators.

Upon completion of their work the body of the deceased is cremated at a licensed crematory. The family may choose to have the cremains returned to them in a handcrafted heart-shaped urn or scattered at sea during a memorial ceremony provided by the company. When you select the Memorial Scattering at Sea, the family receives a memorial certificate detailing the date, time and specific location (latitude and longitude) of the scattering. Our services and that of the anatomical company are absolutely free to the family.

Please note that in order to offer our services at no cost the anatomical company must accept the donor’s body. In the event the donor’s body is not accepted, the family of the deceased must be willing to complete the arrangements and pay for our signature cremation plan. Please contact our office regarding any conditions that must be met in order to qualify for this plan.

Contact us today at (330) 875-5770 for information on the “No Cost” Cremation Plan.