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How to Talk to Your Family About Your Funeral Planning 0

It can feel a little weird sitting down with a funeral home director to preplan your eventual body disposition. Who, after all, relishes the idea of talking about what will happen to their body after they die? But after you discuss cremation with a Westlake, OH funeral home, your next order of business is to gather your family together to discuss what you’ve done and what it means.  

Here are some things to keep in mind when you talk to your family about your funeral arrangements.  

Jot Down What You Want to Cover 

You can bet that a discussion about your final disposition plans won’t be fun. But it’s an important one nonetheless. So that you don’t forget anything important, jot down what you want to communicate and be sure to check off each item as you address it. You want to pull all of the issues on the table, explain what you’ve done and why you’ve done it, and let your family know what you expect of them. When they realize that what you’ve done will mean they won’t have to plan or pay at the time of your death, they will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. At your passing, they’ll be grieving and it will be hard to have to plan a cremation. Doing it ahead of time is simply a selfless thing to do for those you love and care about.  

Gather Somewhere Private 

Is there a favorite spot in your home where everyone likes to gather for some quality time together? That’s the sort of place where you’ll want to have a serious discussion about your final disposition plans. The meeting should only be for close family members, people who will be most impacted by your passing. It’s not a time to have friends or even distant family over.   

Explain Your Choice 

Let your family know exactly what final disposition you’ve chosen. If you want to be cremated, let your family know so that there are no surprises when the day comes. You may want to explain why you opted for the final disposition method that you did. You can even let your family know where they can find documents about exactly how you want things to be on cremation day and on memorial day. While you’re communicating your wishes, make sure that the conversation is a two-way street by encouraging feedback, comments, or questions.  

It’s definitely important to preplan your cremation before it’s too late to do so, and it’s equally important that you let your family know what you’ve done so that there are no surprises. If you need help making proper arrangements, get in touch with us at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc., the only funeral home in Westlake, OH that you need in your corner. We’re not a traditional funeral home with overhead costs associated with fancy buildings, hearses, and lots of employees, so we can afford to be a low-cost alternative to dealing with the lengthy, cumbersome, and many times costly process of making traditional funeral arrangements. Contact us at (216) 631-4500 for or visit us at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135. 

3 Myths About Wills that You Need to Dismiss 0

If you’re like most American adults, you haven’t gotten around to writing up a will yet. That’s unfortunate, actually, because wills are vitally important. And it’s obviously too late to have one done after you’ve died and had your cremation in Parma, OH. Whether you’re part of the four in 10 who have done their will or you’re part of the six in 10 who have not, you need to know about popular myths.  

With that said, take a look at these 3 myths about wills that you must get out of your head so that you can get about the work of drafting up your last will and testament with the facts.  

  1. Debts Are Put to Rest After You Die

That would be lovely if it were only true, but it’s not, unfortunately. If you die with any outstanding debts, they will have to be paid back from your estate. As soon as all accounts have been settled and your debts have been paid off, what’s left of your estate can be used to look after your loved ones or for other purposes you deem important.  

  1. Family Can Settle Your Affairs

This statement is only true if you have a will in place. And even in such a case, it is the executor you select who will ultimately be responsible for distributing your estate the way you want. Without a will, the state will make the decision on how your estate will be distributed. This means that some of the people you want to look out for might not be in line for anything. The only way to ensure that the people you love are looked after the way you want is to have a will that clearly makes provisions for those you want to help.  

  1. Once the Will is Written, That’s All You Have to Worry About

The reality is that your will may very well have to be updated multiple times before you pass away. Marriage, divorce, the birth of kids, significant changes in social-economic standing, and other such things may warrant updating or revising your will. If you write it, file it away, and then never look at it again, it may be wholly out of date when it’s time for the executor to do their job.  

While it’s important to draft up a will with the help of a lawyer, it’s equally important to know the facts about what a will can and can’t do for you.  

When you’re interested in planning a final disposition that includes cremation, look no further than All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. Located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, we are experienced at helping people to plan Parma, OH cremations for their loved ones. You can count on our professional and compassionate service to help get you through a difficult period. We’ll help you make the big and small decisions so that you can give your dearly departed loved one the final send-off that they deserve. Call us at (216) 631-4500 for a free consultation. We’re here to assist you in any way we can. 


Why Pre-Planning Your Funeral Service Makes Sense 0

Death can occur quite suddenly, and it’s a certainty that leaving your loved ones with planning your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service will leave them facing a monumental task.

The reason for this is that your family, dealing with grief, will have to shoulder responsibility for planning your funeral service and body disposition.

But what if there was a way to save your family the trouble while allowing you to determine exactly how you want your final send off to play out? There is most certainly a way to set up your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service so that your loved ones won’t have to – and that’s through pre-planning your funeral service.

What it Entails

Let’s face it. You likely don’t really want to think about death and dying. That’s natural. But another way to look at it is that pre-planning, rather than hastening your death, will actually allow you to rest easier since you’ll be able to plan exactly what you want to do when the time comes. Whether you want cremation or a traditional earth burial, you can create a blueprint. You can choose things like who will deliver the eulogy, what music will be played and even make payment arrangements.

Why to Do it Now

The reason you should not delay pre-planning your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service is that you never really know when your time will come. No one knows exactly when he or she will die, so it’s best to plan when you can. So don’t allow procrastination to get in the way of pre-planning your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service. You can save your family the stress of having to plan your earth burial or cremation at a time when they’ll be coping with your loss. Indeed, pre-planning is a gift that you can give your family – and it’s a gift they’ll appreciate. When it comes to pre-planning your funeral, the last thing you want is to delay.

Let You Loved Ones Know

After you’ve pre-planned your Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service, be sure to let your family know. This will ensure that they understand exactly what to do when you pass away. It won’t necessarily be the most pleasant conversation you have with them, but it will be an important one. Let them know that you’ve pre-planned, which Mayfield Heights funeral home you’ve pre-planned with and where the documents stipulating the arrangements can be located.

At All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, we’re focused on providing the Mayfield Heights, OH funeral service options you want during your time of need. We’re a funeral home that understands that life will go on for you and yours after the burial or cremation of your relative. We have professionals who are committed to providing competent and compassionate service to customers just like you. We’re located at 16150 Brookpark Road in Cleveland, Ohio. Call us today at (877) 351-6860 and find out why we’re the best option.