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All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 0


The health and safety of the families in our care and our employees are our top priorities. At this time, All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society will operate with reduced in office staff levels encouraging our staff to minimize close contact with each other and the general public.  Our telephones will continue to be answered 24/7 by our caring staff members. We will also still immediately respond to your request for transport and you should not experience any delays in our arrival time to the requested destination.

We want to assure you that the All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society team is taking proactive measures to help prevent the spread of any potential illness.  We are closely monitoring the Federal and State health authorities, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following guidelines from these agencies and the local health departments.

At this time we are strongly suggesting that families utilize our online resources to complete arrangements including the use of telephone, email and fax in lieu of face to face contact. We have been leaders in our industry using these means for many years and will be glad to assist you with them.

We will continue to provide you the highest level of service we can whether your arrangements include cremation, burial, domestic or international shipping and want you to be safe.  Please practice social distancing and continually washing your hands as well as sanitizing your surroundings.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our on call staff at 216-631-4500 at any time.


Patrick E. Mahoney
Funeral Director

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Sympathy Gifts You Can Give to Friends Grieving a Death 0

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what to do when a friend of yours experiences a death in their family. You’ll want to be there for them and to show them you care. And while it’s always a good idea to express your condolences verbally, it doesn’t hurt to give them a sympathy gift too. But what sorts of gifts would be appropriate to give your grieving friend or co-worker before or after a Euclid, OH cremation? The good news is that there are lots of options.

Consider these popular sympathy gift ideas and then decide which one is the most fitting.


You can’t really go wrong with flowers as a sympathy gift – that is, unless you can. Not everyone likes flowers, mind you, so you need to know the person you plan to buy them for. Do they like flowers? Are they likely to truly appreciate a bouquet? Another thing to remember is that sympathy flowers are a tradition, so you won’t be too original by giving them. That said, they are still a great gift idea, especially if you get flowers with symbolic value. Ask the crematory you’re dealing with about what different types of flowers symbolize.

Food Basket

While there are a few people out there who eat only because it’s necessary, most people actually get pleasure out of what they consume. That’s why it’s hard to go wrong with a gift basket consisting of food products. Does your grieving friend have a sweet tooth…or sweet teeth? You can prepare, or purchase, a food basket consisting of cookies, brownies, cakes, and other delicacies. Does your grieving friend enjoy fresh bread? You can prepare, or buy, a food basket that includes different types of fresh bread and maybe some healthy spreads.

Donation Towards Expenses

If you have the financial wherewithal to do so, you might want to offer to pay for some portion of the final services. Let your friend know that you’d like to help foot the bill or to contribute in some way. Do you want to help but don’t have a lot of money to do so? You can offer to pay for something specific – something that you can afford. Perhaps you can offer to pay for some of the food to be served after the memorial service, or you might want to pay for the cremation urn.

These are just some examples of the types of sympathy gifts that you can give to a grieving friend. You can get in touch with us at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc., located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, for some more tips if you’d like. We’re a Euclid, OH cremation services provider that you can count on. We have staff that will help you each step of the way, offer modern facilities, and employ a straight-forward approach. We’re also the only cremation provider in the state to offer a no hidden fee guarantee. You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500. We’ll be pleased to assist you to plan final services.

How Do You Select the Right Cremation Urn? 0

Have you ever stopped to think about what you should be looking for in a cremation urn? Of course, this issue will only come up if a deceased loved one will be cremated. But you might be surprised to see just how many options there are out there for urns after a Parma, OH cremation. The good news is that you don’t have to head into the process blindly since there are some simple steps you can take before ultimately choosing what cremation urn to buy. You can also get recommendations from a crematory or funeral home if you need extra assistance.

Here are some things to mull over before you select the cremation urn to buy for a deceased relative’s ashes.

Consider Plans for Ashes

What do you plan to do with the ashes? This is an important consideration since it will help you to determine what sort of urn to purchase. If the plan is to scatter the ashes after a memorial service, you can get an urn that is designed to facilitate scattering. You might even forego an urn altogether and instead get a sturdy alternative container. Do you want to keep the ashes as a memorial to honor the deceased? You might want to spend a bit more money to get a really nice urn. After all, if you’re going to put it on display, you might as well get something that will add to, rather than detract from, the overall look of whatever room you put the cremation urn in. During a consultation with a crematory or funeral home, you can inform them of your plans for the ashes. They will be able to give you recommendations on what the best options are.

Consider Size of the Deceased

There are urns of all sorts of sizes. You’ll, therefore, need to consider the size of the person being cremated in order to buy an appropriately sized cremation urn. Whether a young child, an older child, or an adult, you can buy an urn that is ideally suited to contain the ashes. The crematory you work with will be able to recommend the right urn size to accommodate the amount of ashes that will be left over after the cremation. If multiple people in your family want to take home some of the ashes, then you’ll need to buy multiple urns to accommodate this.

Consider Your Budget

What you pay for the urn will depend on different factors such as the material it is composed of. Cremation urns come in various materials like glass, ceramic, metal, marble, and wood. Be sure to let the service provider know about your budget and then find something that you can afford.

For immediate assistance on how to select the right cremation urn, contact us at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500 to speak to one of our knowledgeable and skilled staff members. You can also stop by our office at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135. You need to look no further for Parma, OH cremation services.

There’s Nothing to Fear About Working with a Cremation Services Provider 0

There’s something about death that can make many people feel squeamish, especially if the deceased is someone they knew such as a family member, friend, or co-worker. This same uneasiness can affect some people when they arrive at a crematory or funeral home. People want to talk about their lives, plans for the future, and things of this nature. They tend to steer away from topics related to death until they can ignore it no longer – such as when there’s a death close to home. But when you call a service provider to plan a cremation in Middleburg Heights, OH, you have nothing to worry about. Here’s why you’ll be in good hands.

Knowledgeable and Compassionate Staff

Working with the right company that has the right staff will make the process a whole lot easier. You’ll be able to count on the knowledge and compassion of the staff at such a crematory. Don’t forget that they work with and assist grieving families regularly, so they have the ability to help people who are in the early stages of grief. You’ll quickly discover that there’s nothing to worry about in such an environment. Sure, there will always be other things you’d rather do and other places you’d rather be. But any misconceptions you have about funeral homes and crematoriums will be dispelled in short order.

Modern Facilities

Have you been to a crematory recently? Again, in the best-case scenario, you would never have to do so. But the reality is that all families experience death, so it is inevitable that you will need to work with a crematory or funeral home at different periods during your life. You’ll find that these places are not dark and drab. They are modern facilities that are accessible. You can, if you want, always call a crematory to request a tour and a consultation with a company representative. This is an especially good idea if you’re planning final services for someone.

Straight-Forward Process

The process to plan a body disposition for a deceased relative isn’t as difficult as you might have been led to believe. Once you find the right company to work with, you’ll be in good hands. They know the routine. They’ll help you to figure out what body disposition to choose, offer a selection of products and services, answer your questions, make recommendations, and more.

As you can see, there’s nothing to be nervous about when the time comes to contact a crematory. This is especially the case if you choose All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. Located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, we’re a business that provides Middleburg Heights, OH cremation services. We also have staff that will help you each step of the way, offer modern facilities, and employ a straight-forward process. We’re also the only cremation provider in the state to offer a no hidden fee guarantee. You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500. Let us help you plan a body disposition for your deceased loved one.

Where will You Hold the Memorial Service After the Cremation 0

When the Elyria, OH cremation has been completed, you can hold a memorial service to celebrate the life of someone special. Unlike a funeral service where it’s customary to hold the event in a church or chapel, you can hold a memorial event virtually anywhere. Consider these examples of where you and your loved ones can host a memorial service.

Home Sweet Home

If you’ll be having a small gathering, you might choose to hold the memorial at home. You can be as informal or as formal as you want – just make sure that everyone in attendance knows what to expect. You can, for instance, read a eulogy, take turns speaking about the impact the now deceased had on your lives, sing songs that the deceased had loved, and even share a special meal around the table or on the patio deck to pay tribute to someone special.


Are you interested in an informal memorial with no set format? You might want to consider booking a section of a restaurant or a more private banquet room where you, your loved ones, and your close friends can meet together, share memories of the deceased together, and break bread together. Some restaurants offer discounts for larger groups, so call to ask. It can be fitting to spend time around the table with people you love and care about.

Great Outdoors

It can be a great idea to hold a memorial outdoors someplace. Is there a nice scenic park nearby? Does your family own a cottage that can accommodate a small group? Do you and yours like to load up the car, truck, minivan, or SUV to go camping in rural regions? You might want to consider holding an outdoor memorial event on one of these country excursions. You can also scatter the ashes during such a memorial service. Scatter the ashes of a deceased relative in the great outdoors can be a fitting final send-off if the deceased had loved experiencing nature.

Do any of these memorial locations seem like a good idea to you? If so, great. If not, you can hold it someplace else. Where you hold a memorial is not nearly as important as the act of holding it – that is, if it’s something your family actually wants. Perhaps you and yours will be satisfied to enjoy a meal at home with just close family. Whatever works is fine.

When the time calls for a cremation service, All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. is the only service provider you need to contact. Located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, we’re a funeral home in Elyria, OH that you can rely on. We’re also the only cremation provider in the state to offer a no hidden fee guarantee. You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500. Let us help you to plan a cremation for your deceased loved one. We’ll treat you the way we would like to be treated if we were facing the same situation, so get in touch.

Letting Others Know that Your Loved One will be Cremated 0

When there’s a death in your family and you’re the one calling the shots, it can be difficult to decide on whether to go with cremation or with burial at a funeral home in Elyria, OH. But if you ultimately decide to have the deceased cremated, you’ll need to inform your family and friends about what you’ve decided. Both cremation and burial are acceptable body disposition options, but some people do prefer the latter since it’s connected with tradition. If you’re not sure how to break the news to family and friends, here are some tips to help you do so.  

Do it Right Away 

It’s best to tell the people who need to know as soon as possible. You don’t want to hold back information. If there are any disagreements, you should be prepared to provide your reasons for choosing as you did. If it’s what the deceased had requested before dying, then let your family and friends know. If the decision was one you made, then you can tell people this and, to whatever extent you feel necessary, explains your rationale for doing as you did. It’s not always easy to get everyone on the same page with such matters, and you should expect that some of your loved ones might prefer a funeral service over a cremation. But if you have decision-making authority, then do what you feel best and keep everyone else in the loop.  

Do it Face-to-Face 

It’s best to have these discussions in person whenever possible. Of course, this won’t always be possible. If you have family members who live far away – in another state or country – you’ll have to communicate the news in some other way. Consider the ways that you usually use to stay in touch – whether phone or Skype – and stick with the status quo. When you do contact them, try not to engage in too much small talk beforehand. If you do, then you could take them by surprise by, all of a sudden, pivoting into the topic of body disposition.  

Keep Line of Communication Open 

After you’ve delivered the news, ensure that you keep the line of communication open. Your family and friends will likely have lots of questions, especially if they’re not familiar with cremation. You can share with them what you know and explain the benefits of it. The more they know about the process, the more open they will be to it as a body disposition option.  

Informing family and friends of your decision to go with cremation is important, and All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. can help you plan the perfect body disposition. Located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, we’re a funeral home in Elyria, OH that you can trust. We’re also the only cremation provider in the state to offer a no hidden fee guarantee. You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500. Let us help you in planning a cremation for your deceased loved one. We’ll treat you the way we would like to be treated if we were facing the same situation, so get in touch. 

Ways to Honor A Loved One After Their Cremation 0

When the cremation in Strongsville, OH has been completed and you have your deceased loved one’s ashes in an urn, you will undoubtedly want to honor them in some way. They were obviously a big part of your life, and it might be hard to imagine going on without them. But you can do much to honor their legacy by living life to the fullest. If you’re wondering what sorts of things you can do to honor them in a tangible way, here are some suggestions that might help.  

Get Active for Their Favorite Charity 

Did your loved one have a passion for any charities or special causes? If they were concerned about the well-being of others and perhaps had lent their time and their talents to a local food bank, then you might want to gather some family members together so that you can all spend an afternoon during the busy season packing up boxes of food for the less fortunate. It can be a good opportunity for you and your loved ones to give back to the community and to honor the example set by your deceased loved one.  

Have a Memorial Service 

When it comes to cremation, you’ll have flexibility for the memorial. You can hold one basically anytime you want and you can hold it wherever you want. Maybe you’ll want to hold it in a park, at the family cottage, in a banquet all, in a restaurant, or even in a living room. Where you have it isn’t all that important – as long as those who you want to be there know where it’ll be. Unlike a traditional funeral service, you won’t need a set format for the memorial. But that doesn’t mean that making some sort of outline is a bad idea. Establishing order will help things to flow.  

Share a Meal Together 

It can be a great thing to gather with family and friends to enjoy a fellowship meal. After the initial grief of losing a loved one, it can be comforting and encouraging to eat with people you love and respect. A simple potluck brunch, lunch, or dinner – where everyone brings something – is all you really need to have a great time together. If the deceased had loved certain entrees or desserts, then it would be a good idea to serve some of them at the meal.   

As you can see, there are quite a few things you can do to honor the memory of a loved one who has died. While you can plan a charity drive, memorial service, or fellowship meal, we at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc. can take care of the cremation body disposition. Located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, we’re a reputable provider of cremation in Strongsville, OH that you can depend on. We’re also the only cremation provider in the state of offer a no hidden fee guarantee. You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500. Let us help you in planning a cremation for your deceased loved one. 

How to Know When Cremation is a No-Brainer 0

One responsibility that you probably won’t enjoy is planning the final services of a loved one who has died. Any reluctance you might feel likely won’t be because you find the task a burden – rather it’s because you would rather plan things about life rather than plan things about death. But circumstances may require you someday to contact a funeral home in Strongsville, OH to plan a cremation or a funeral service so that your loved one receives an honorable disposition. While both cremation and traditional burial are good options, you’ll see that there are times when cremation, rather than burial, is simply a no-brainer.  

It’s a No-Brainer if the Deceased Had Requested Cremation Prior to Dying 

Some people aren’t overly concerned about whether they’re cremated or buried after their death, but others are actually quite specific and want things done their way. If your relative clearly specified that they wanted to be cremated when the time arrived, then that’s pretty much the end of the discussion. You and your loved ones will simply have to make the plans a reality.   

It’s a No-Brainer if the Family Doesn’t Want a Religious Service 

Yes, some non-religious people have funerals, but others don’t want a body disposition that has any connection to a religion they either don’t practice or don’t believe in. So a funeral service held in a church and officiated by a member of the clergy might be a bit much for some. If there’s a cremation instead, then it can be either religious in focus or otherwise. With cremation, the focus is really on reducing the body back to its basic elements, so there’s no obvious connection to religion. It can be the perfect option if religion isn’t part of your lives.  

It’s a No-Brainer if You Don’t Believe in Spending More than Necessary 

Even if you and your loved ones have the ability to afford a lavish funeral service, that doesn’t mean that you believe that it would be worthwhile to spend more than is necessary. It’s best, after all, to go all-out for loved ones when they’re alive and can appreciate what is done. So instead of spending too much for the final services, you may prefer to save money by going with a cremation and then perhaps making a donation to a charity that the deceased had supported with their money and their time.  

It’s a No-Brainer if You Want to Reduce the Environmental Impact 

It’s obvious that a casket takes up a lot more space than does an urn. And if the ashes are scattered, then there won’t be a need for a burial plot at all. By going with cremation, you can reduce your deceased loved one’s carbon footprint and environmental impact since they will either take up very little space or no space at all. Also consider that cremation ashes are harmless. They don’t pose any environmental or health risk, so you can scatter them with a clear conscience.  

All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society, Inc., located at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135, is a funeral home in Strongsville, OH that you can rely on for your cremation needs. Since we’re not a traditional funeral home with overhead costs associated with fancy buildings, hearses, and lots of employees, we can pass on those savings to you.  You can call anytime at (216) 631-4500. We’ll be honored to help.