Can You Still Have a Funeral When Your Loved One is Cremated?

With the rise in popularity of cremation, many folks have questions. One of the most common questions people ask us is, “Can you still have a funeral when your loved one is cremated?” The simple answer is yes.

Most funeral and memorial customs are easily adaptable to the inclusion of cremation. You or your loved one’s final wishes can still be honored and respected. Additionally, most religious traditions now accommodate cremation as well. Cremation does not eliminate:

    • Viewing, either public or private
    • Traditional graveside ceremonies, especially for our veterans
    • Performance of religious ceremonies

In addition, traditional funeral homes are not the only choice. Many people choose to have funerals and/or memorial services in the comfort of their home.

Respect for Tradition

Many fear that cremation means that their survivors will not have an opportunity to pay their respects and say their final goodbyes. Here are some of the elements that many funeral homes offer to help honor your loved one and give the family opportunities to pay their respects:

      • Private or Public Viewing, using our private chapel
      • Casket rental
      • Graveside services, especially comforting for our veterans
      • Hand delivery of remains to a cemetery or other location
      • Personalized registry books and memorial cards

Including traditional funeral elements with your cremation plan can offer closure to you and your loved ones. Cremation does not eliminate most religious ceremonies. Veterans can still receive a full graveside service with full military honors.

Practical Concerns

You should never feel alone in your time of loss. At Heritage Cremation, we’re here to help get you through this difficult time. Cremation services such as ours include and handle the following at no added expense:

        • Confirmation of identity
        • Preparation and delivery of the death certificate to your physician of record for signing
        • Hand delivery and filing of death certificate with Health Department
        • Acquisition of certified copies of death certificate (only additional cost is for the number of copies you require)
        • Official notification to the Social Security Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs
        • Obituary listing online

Many families find that these adaptations work very well because they provide the comfort and closure they need. Only you can decide what is right for you or your loved one. Our staff is pleased to work with you to ensure that what happens reflects your loved one’s final wishes.

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