5 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Cremation Ashes in Parma, OH

If your deceased loved one has been cremated, you will eventually receive the ashes. Cremation, unlike traditional earth burial, offers a number of potential options for dispersal. Some people choose to scatter the ashes on a property that has sentimental value or even to keep the ashes in an urn so that it can be displayed on the fireplace mantel.

But there are more options – even highly unique ones – that might pique your interest. So, after a Parma, OH cremation, consider these out-of-the-box options for the ashes.

Coral Reef

You can find companies that will incorporate the ashes of your deceased loved one with a cement mixture that will then be transformed into a coral reef. Once completed and placed in the water, coral will be able to attach and grow on it. Other benefits of coral reefs are that they protect coastlines from the effects of tropical storms and waves as well as protect various marine organisms. How’s that for being a great help even in death?

Hour Glass

While an hour glass won’t actually be a reliable indicator of time, it will be a constant reminder of your deceased loved one. It can also serve as a reminder that, given enough time, all of us will eventually die. You can store it in your den, bedroom, at the family cottage and just about anywhere. You can buy the hour glass and actually insert the cremation ashes on your own.

Vinyl Record

Did your deceased loved one enjoy music? Why not honor the person’s memory by putting the ashes into a vinyl record? Yes, you can find companies that will actually press the ashes into vinyl records. You’ll be able to select the artwork for the records as well as the accompanying music. If you have audio recordings of the deceased person, you might want to use that as well. The bottom line is that this option will give you a unique keepsake after the cremation process.


Do you want something that will serve as a fitting keepsake? Memorial jewelry might be just the thing. If you search, you can locate service providers that will place some of the cremation ashes into jewelry, such as earrings, so that you can take the dearly departed with you anywhere. You’ll also be able turn the jewelry into a family heirloom that has sentimental value.


You can take scattering ashes to a new level if you have it done by plane. Some businesses will take the cremation remains of your deceased loved one and scatter the ashes high above in the sky.

As you can see, there are some interesting things you can do with the ashes following cremations in Parma, OH. When you need cremation or funeral services for your deceased relative, get in touch with us at All Ohio Cremation & Burial Society. We’ve been serving the community for a long time, and our focus is on providing the best in death care services for our customers. When you call (216) 631-4500, one of our professional staff members will be able to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you need. You may also reach us at 16150 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, OH 44135. We’re here to help!

Patrick Mahoney