3 Myths About Wills that You Need to Dismiss

If you’re like most American adults, you haven’t gotten around to writing up a will yet. That’s unfortunate, actually, because wills are vitally important. And it’s obviously too late to have one done after you’ve died and had your cremation in Parma, OH. Whether you’re part of the four in 10 who have done their will or you’re part of the six in 10 who have not, you need to know about popular myths.  

With that said, take a look at these 3 myths about wills that you must get out of your head so that you can get about the work of drafting up your last will and testament with the facts.  

  1. Debts Are Put to Rest After You Die

That would be lovely if it were only true, but it’s not, unfortunately. If you die with any outstanding debts, they will have to be paid back from your estate. As soon as all accounts have been settled and your debts have been paid off, what’s left of your estate can be used to look after your loved ones or for other purposes you deem important.  

  1. Family Can Settle Your Affairs

This statement is only true if you have a will in place. And even in such a case, it is the executor you select who will ultimately be responsible for distributing your estate the way you want. Without a will, the state will make the decision on how your estate will be distributed. This means that some of the people you want to look out for might not be in line for anything. The only way to ensure that the people you love are looked after the way you want is to have a will that clearly makes provisions for those you want to help.  

  1. Once the Will is Written, That’s All You Have to Worry About

The reality is that your will may very well have to be updated multiple times before you pass away. Marriage, divorce, the birth of kids, significant changes in social-economic standing, and other such things may warrant updating or revising your will. If you write it, file it away, and then never look at it again, it may be wholly out of date when it’s time for the executor to do their job.  

While it’s important to draft up a will with the help of a lawyer, it’s equally important to know the facts about what a will can and can’t do for you.  

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Patrick Mahoney