3 Mistakes to Steer Clear of When Planning a Funeral

It’s common to plan for birthday parties, for weddings and for other important life events, so why do some people make the mistake of not planning for their own funeral?

Yes it goes without saying that no one wants to think about death and dying, but makes sense to plan for what will be after you pass on. That way your family can start the mourning process without having to worry about making funeral arrangements.

But if you’re going to plan, you need to do it right. Here are 3 mistakes to steer clear of when you head down to a funeral home in Strongsville, OH to pre-plan your funeral service.

1. Wait Too Long to Get Started
While some people die after some serious illness, there are of course some people who die of natural causes. So you could be making a serious mistake if you think you can simply wait until the onset of a serious health condition before starting the process to pre-plan your funeral at a funeral home in Strongsville, OH. Don’t procrastinate. The present time is as good a time as any, so seek to make arrangements sooner rather than later. You’ll be doing your family a favor that they will be ever grateful for.

2. Fail to Communicate Funeral Wishes

It’s best to clearly communicate to your family exactly what you want done at your funeral. In other words, let them know about the disposition method you want, whether traditional earth burial or cremation, as well as whether you want a viewing, reception or memorial service. If your family has to guess at what you would have wanted or, even worse, is left arguing over how to proceed, the occasion of your funeral at a funeral home in Strongsville, OH could be more stressful than necessary. Pre-planning is important, and being clear will make it easy for your family and the funeral home to precisely follow your wishes.

3. Fail to Ask Enough Questions

One of the worst things you can do is move forward with pre-planning your funeral without asking enough questions and getting sufficient clarification on things you’re unclear of. A funeral director at a funeral home in Strongsville, OH will be able to explain the nitty-gritty of pre-planning a funeral so that everything is done properly.

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Patrick Mahoney