2 Things to Say and 2 Things Not to Say to a Grieving Person

When a friend loses a loved one, you might be at a loss in terms of exactly what to say. Grieving people deal with a wide range of emotions, and no two people are alike, so what might seem like a good thing to say to one person might not work out so well with another person.

To help you navigate the tricky terrain of dos and don’ts, what follows is a look at 2 things to say and 2 things not to say to a grieving person who is either preparing for a funeral service or a cremation service in Lorain, OH.

What to Say

1. “Allow me to assist you with ________________.”
Make no mistake, people who are grieving have lots on their plates. So your offer to help with something specific will be appreciated. You can ask your grieving friend if he or she wants help getting groceries, watering the lawn, cooking some meals or anything else. Don’t wait for the grieving person to ask you for help because the request may never come. It’s always best if you make a sincere offer to help.

2. “Do you want to discuss it?”
Your grieving friend may or may not be willing to open up about how he or she is feeling, but making the offer of a sympathetic ear will at least let the griever know that you’re there to help. Talking can help to relieve stress, so let your grieving friend know you’re there when needed.

What Not to Say

1. “It’s God’s Will.”
While this might seem like an innocent thing to say, it can actually come across as insensitive. When people are grieving, they likely won’t be comforted with something that makes the death of their loved one look as though the tragic event simply comes down to an arbitrary decision that they, the grieving ones left behind, had no say in.

2. “She’s in a better place.”
Don’t let such words escape your lips at a funeral service or cremation service in Lorain, OH. It’s definitely insensitive. First it undermines the bond that the deceased had with his or her relatives and loved ones before death got in the way. Second, it assumes that everyone believes in a life hereafter. It’s best to avoid saying anything like this to your grieving friend.

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Patrick Mahoney